Film facilitation like a machine.

Cape Town & Johannesburg

Executive Producer: Liam Johnson / Producers: John Macdonald & Callan Paul
Directors: Paul Ramaema / Meghan Daniels / Nelis Botha / Zandi Tisani

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We’re into the unknown, making plans, pushing envelopes. The back roads and big leaps. Mad ideas, massive lights and motor bikes. Parkour. Wing suits. High lines, helicopters & big f#&%en explosions. Immense landscapes, gorgeous sunsets, breathtaking beaches. Township textures, sweeping urban panoramics and the dark, freaky underbelly. We make commercials, music videos and branded content.
We’ll be the first ones in, the last ones out, tinkering with bleary eyes and devilish details to bring your visions to life. The robot doesn’t sleep. The robot’s a machine.

  • UKMVA for best Video Friend Within, The Renegade.
  • Almost a billion hits combined for videos produced.


8 Dorman Street, Gardens,
Cape Town, Western Cape, 8001

Executive Producer | Liam Johnson




The nuts and bolts of the new Robot directors – Paul Ramaema and Nelis Botha

July 24th, 2020|Comments Off on The nuts and bolts of the new Robot directors – Paul Ramaema and Nelis Botha

We get up close and personal with the two new directors joining Robot. Paul and Nelis, both armed with a hip aesthetic and a passion for creating edgy contemporary work, might have a lot in common when it comes to style, but who is most likely to master the art of baking banana bread you ask? Yup, it’s everything you didn’t know you needed to know.