Director Gregg Bailey announces his move to Robot

As Gregg Bailey approaches a decade of directing, he has announced that he will be joining the growing roster of talent at Robot. Well established as a performance director and considered storyteller, we know Gregg’s strength lies in crafting heartfelt intimate moments. In fact, you’ll most likely find that when it comes to an onscreen moment that needs space and time to breath, he’ll nail it.

Patient is a great way to explain Gregg for us, it’s in his work and it filters down right through his directing career. Not everyone will know, but Gregg started out in the film industry over 17 years ago as director Greg Gray’s Creative Assistant. He remained Greg’s assistant at Velocity Films for 7 and a half years before he went on to take his seat in the directing chair. Gregg began his career as a director working at Velocity and then Figment Films where he built up a reel to be proud of.

What made the move to Robot appealing for Gregg, was the production company’s untraditional approach to advertising. And when Gregg saw the kind of work Robot was producing, he was even more convinced.

Liam Johnson, Robot’s Executive Producer, summed up Gregg’s approach well when he said: ‘Gregg is a considered director. He creates heartfelt narratives that last a lot longer than the three months that the ads flight. Gregg has the ability to press pause on the frenetic pace we are used to watching and people who see his work always remember it, that’s what I love about him.’

Robot’s Gregg Bailey Did That

There is no denying that Gregg tells compelling stories. There is a distinct pace to his work that feels very natural and he is able to find the magic within quiet moments. Here are three of our favourite Gregg spots.



Direct Axis

Whether it’s a strong performance piece, or fashion and dance content, Gregg will always deliver a more considered intimate version than what we usually see out there. We can’t wait to see what the next decade brings. Wanna (s)talk some more? Robot on IDIDTHAT or Company Website.

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Executive Producer: Liam Johnson

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