Director Lamar Bonhomme finds a home at Robot

Director Lamar Bonhomme seeks to capture the essence of the world in its rawest and most unfiltered form. Armed with a lens that embraces the beauty of imperfection, Lamar is joining the powerhouse roster at Robot. With Robot’s established production support, Lamar is eager to continue reflecting the richness of our world with a cinematic timelessness that avoids unnecessary gimmicks, something that is evident in his latest campaign for SA Tourism.

Lamar’s journey to Robot is a testament to his unwavering determination and ability to seize opportunities. Starting from his theatrical pursuits at Wits’ Drama Department, Lamar has honed his skills and gained invaluable experience in producing, editing, and writing for highly successful TV shows such as High Rollers. With this diverse background, Lamar possesses a comprehensive understanding of the entire filmmaking process and the ability to maximize the resources of each department to bring his vision to life. His talent for capturing life’s realness with a cinematic edge is evident in his recent project for SA Tourism. Lamar delivered an impressive 8 visually stunning commercials of which he says ‘This work was unadulteratedly me – moody, raw, disruptive, creative, messy, grimy, grainy, weathered and deeply rooted in the authentic human experience.’

SA Tourism // Thrill-Seekers

SA Tourism // The Proposal

SA Tourism // Homecoming

Robot’s Executive Producer, Liam Johnson says of the signing: ‘I came across Lamar’s piece for South African Tourism and was immediately struck by how considered the filmmaking was. Layered and textural, intimate performances that are both joyous and vulnerable. When we met, I was immediately impressed by how focused Lamar was and eagerly seized the opportunity to add him to our roster. He’s a great fit to our family and I can’t wait to make films with him.’

It’s not only in his commercials that Lamar brings a gritty vulnerability. When we watched his short film, ‘Equanimity’, a passion project, we were again struck by Lamar’s ability to capture the beauty of people simply living in the moment. This unfiltered slice-of-life realness is what is particularly special in Lamar’s commercial work. ‘Equanimity’ is an experiential film shot on 16mm and 8mm Kodak stock across various locations in South Africa documenting the ebb and flow of everyday South Africans in their everyday environments. The film has recently been added to the Director’s Library. ‘You have to trust the moment and trust your eye. I want to capture the way humans answer questions of existentialism by going about their everyday lives. If we open ourselves up to the idea, there is magic in the mundane; going to work every morning, braving the elements, traversing the landscape; it all has meaning.’ Says Lamar.

The Road to Equanimity (Short Film)

When we asked Lamar what first attracted him to Robot he didn’t skip a beat, opened the Robot website on his phone and read out what was written on their approach page to us, adding: ‘I have joined a team of visionaries at Robot in an all-out quest to make brand films that resonate with audiences by delivering cinema, excellence and eyegasms. Shoutout to Liam and the team who have welcomed me with open arms. I feel truly blessed to call myself a Robot director.’

Robot’s Managing Director, Callan Paul says: ‘What stands out the most about Lamar is his dynamic understanding of the industry and his multifaceted approach. He doesn’t just aspire to be a director who hits the mark occasionally; he comprehends the various aspects involved and truly understands the craft. It’s almost as if he’s eager to learn, but he already possesses a wealth of knowledge. It’s a proud moment for us to provide a space where he can continue to grow and expand his horizons beyond what he has already accomplished.’

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