Best of Reel awarded to Chicken Licken ‘Sbu 2.0’ by Greg Gray from ROMANCE

With over a 100 statues of his own (show off!), who better to judge this month’s iDidTht Craft Awards than CCO at TBWA Hunt Lascaris and Creative Circle Chairperson (drum roll please), the legendary Peter Khoury! And as we always say, just keep calm and Khoury on!


BEST OF REEL: Chicken Licken ‘Sbu 2.0’
ROMANCE | Greg Gray
(Direction Craft)


SPECIAL MENTION: Mercedes-Benz ‘Upside Down Cinema’
7Films | Siphiwe SJ Myeza
(Direction Craft)
*Special note: video will be viewable once it has been flighted.

SPECIAL MENTION: Mercedes-Benz ‘Crater Golf’
7Films | Dirk van Niekerk
(Direction Craft)
*Special note: video will be viewable once it has been flighted.

SPECIAL MENTION: The Chaeli Campaign ‘Bet Chaeli Can’t’
Direction Films | Drew Murphy
(Direction Craft)
* Special note: This piece was directed by Drew Murphy from King James Group, and produced by Direction Films.

Judges comments by Pete Khoury, Chief Creative Officer at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris

Let me just get this out there off the bat, I love great stories which means how those stories are told is everything to me. Everything that helps deepen the narrative in a distinctive and compelling way matters. I enjoyed my time judging. It was a diverse grouping of films and crafts. There was a lot of work that had elements of greatness but some were let down by elements of mediocrity that were scattered inbetween. There was work that was very on trend, aesthetically beautiful and arresting. However a lot of this kind of work is all starting to feel the same. We as South Africans should be setting the trends rather than following them if we want to cut through.

BEST OF REEL: Chicken Licken ‘Sbu 2.0’ By Greg Gray from ROMANCE – Direction Craft
The Direction Craft category stood out for me. There were some great films whose stories were told compellingly. My overall pick goes to a story that was told with no tricks or fancy techniques; Greg Gray’s “Chicken Licken Sbu 2.0” – this gets my nod. Aesthetically it is a collision of first world tech and African grit. There is an honesty about how it is told. The little touches of magic and humour sprinkled throughout add charm and keep you captivated.

SPECIAL MENTION: Mercedes-Benz ‘Upside Down Cinema’ by Siphiwe SJ Myeza and Mercedes-Benz ‘Crater Golf’ by Dirk van Niekerk both from 7Films – Direction Craft
Special mentions for direction go to both the Mercedes films by Dirk van Niekerk and Siphiwe SJ Myeza. They were intriguing to watch and visually beautiful. I especially loved the build in tension without giving away the story until the end in “Upside Down Cinema”. Both films were beautifully packaged overall.

SPECIAL MENTION: The Chaeli Campaign ‘Bet Chaeli Can’t’ by Drew Murphy from King James Group, produced by Direction Films – Direction Craft
Another special mention goes to Drew Murphy for direction on “Bet Chaeli Can’t”, it showed really simple, powerful storytelling packed with raw attitude.

About Our Judge

iDidTht Craft Awards Guest Judge: Pete Khoury, Chief Creative Officer at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris.
Peter Khoury has delivered growth to his client’s bottom lines, and won numerous advertising awards throughout his career.  He joined TBWA\Hunt Lasaris in 2000, where he launched the BMW 6 Series global campaign and repositioned Sasol as a company of infinite possibilities.  He also worked with TBWA\Chiat Day to launch the Pedigree Worldwide “We’re for Dogs” campaign in 2004/2005.  In 2007 he played a pivotal role in starting hotshop MetropolitanRepublic. As ECD he helped changed the global lexicon forever by leading his team in the 2010 FIFA World Cup “Ayoba” integrated campaign for telecom provider MTN.   In 2014 re rejoined TBWA\Hunt Lascaris as CCO, with the intention of taking South Africa’s most iconic agency to new heights.  He has already guided the agency to Best Individual Agency in South Africa in 2015, and Best Radio Agency in the World according to Cannes Lions 2015.  He has also dabbled in the movie business as a creative and marketing consultant to local film “Stone Cold Jane Austin” and the DSTV series “Ayeye”.  He has accumulated well over 100 statues at local and international awards shows. His work is also featured in Cannes Lions Game Changers – The Evolution of Advertising, and multiple times in the elusive Gunn Report.  In addition to Advertising, Peter has used his creative energy to formulate his own clothing/lifestyle brand, Zero One Zero. Peter was elected as the Creative Circle Chairman in March 2018.

All Film Reel Entries

Bioscope Films | Fausto Becatti
Indiefin ‘Be Indie’
(Direction Craft)

Darling Films | Chloe Coetsee
Joburg Ballet ‘#BreakingBallet No. 7’
(Direction Craft)

Darling Films | Jean Theron
Joburg Ballet ‘#BreakingBallet No. 8’
(Direction Craft)

Egg Films | Zwelethu Radebe
Castle ‘Wedding’
(Direction Craft)

Egg Films | Kyle Lewis
BMW ‘Ungovernable’
(Direction Craft)

Egg Films | Sunu
Coronation ‘Trust Every Day’
(Direction Craft)

Groundglass | Christo Potgieter & Janette De Villiers
See You In The Dust
(Direction Craft)

Let it Rain Films | Lee Doig
Outsurance ’20th Birthday’
(Direction Craft)

The Rudeboy Collective | Nadezna & Mpho
Revlon ‘Life Proof’
(Direction Craft)

The Rudeboy Collective | Rob Malpage
Honda CRV ‘The Power of Dreams – Fashion’
(Direction Craft)

Deliverance Post | Anthony Lee Martin & David Oosthuizen
Checkers ‘Act for Change’
(Editing, Grade & Online Craft)

Deliverance Post | Ricky Boyd
Chicken Licken ‘S’bu 2.0’
(Editing Craft)

Upstairs Ludus
Nakhane ‘Interloper’
(Offline, Grade & Online Craft)

Figment Films | Robin Goode
Toyota Yaris ‘Intro Off’
(VFX Craft)

Bioscope Films | Hylton Tannenbaum
FAB ‘Happy Mother’s Day’
(Original Music Craft)

Howard Audio | Adam Howard
Barclays Africa ‘Tap Tap, Bank Bank’
(Original Music and Final Mix Craft)

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