Best of Reel for Direction Craft awarded to Paul Ward at 0307 Films.

The SA Film Reel awards the very best in craft by Productions companies in South Africa. This month we asked Graeme Jenner, Executive Creative Director at King James II, to select his standouts. Congratulations to all the winners.

Paul Ward | 0307 Films
Wrangler ‘The Wild Way Home’

Gentlemen Films | Greg Rom (Direction Craft)
Left Post Production | Evy Katz (Editing)
The Upstairs Ludus (Grade & Online)
Pulse Music | Marc Algranti (Original Music)
Virgin Insurance ‘I Love Insurance’

Arcade Content | Kyle Lewis (Direction Craft)
Sanlam ‘Mr Madumane’

PHI  (Direction Craft)
Mnet ‘Kiss’

Bioscope Films | Fausto Becatti (Direction Craft)
Montego ‘Heroic Tales’

Judges Comments by Graeme Jenner, Executive Creative Director at King James II

BEST OF REEL: Wrangler ‘The Wild Way Home’ directed by Paul Ward at 0307 Films.
“Parkour. What’s that about anyway? Wandering about on rooftops, jumping over stuff, staring meaningfully from precarious ledges. I guess it must be hip and funky to the youth of today because it seems like it features in quite a few ads lately. That said, it takes a pretty good director to make an ad about that well-trodden subject matter that is very very watchable. Nicely shot, very well edited, great voice-over – All round good job then Paul Ward, well done.”

SPECIAL MENTION: Virgin Money ‘I Like Insurance’ – Directed by Greg Rom at Gentlemen Films, Edited by Evy Katz at Left Post Productions, Grade & Online by The Upstairs Ludus and Original Music by Pulse Music.
“You know whats my worst? Crowd participation. Like in live shows when they point into the crowd and ask you to come up on stage and get involved. That’s partly the reason that I don’t like theatre in general. I went to Grahamstown once and it really wasn’t for me. My mate fell in a ditch and someone stole his Air Max’s off his feet. Who does that? Also, I was late for a performance (cos I had to piggy back my mate whose foot was buggered from falling in the ditch and then walking home lank far with no shoes on) and we had to sit in the front row and then the lights went down and a naked white dude ran on stage with a buck skull over his face and shouted “AFFFRRRIIICCCCAAAAA” and then splashed blood all over his penis. Fuck sakes man. Then I got straight back up and had to piggy back my mate out again. So yeah, I don’t really like theatre at all, including musicals. But I don’t mind this ad. In fact, I had to watch it to the end more than once because it was in a few categories and I was totally happy to do that. So yeah, that’s a good thing. Nice one.”

SPECIAL MENTION: Sanlam ‘Mr. Madumane’ directed by Kyle Lewis at Arcade Content.
“Full disclosure – this comes from the fam in Cape Town. But it’s cool, I like it. It’s like a low budget high budget video, which was the whole point I guess. Awesome conceptual styling, art direction and directing. Just another day on the job for Kyle then.”

SPECIAL MENTION: MNET ‘Kiss’ directed by PHI.
“This is a sweet story, sweetly done. That little girl is really good. I think I’m becoming more susceptible to ads like this since becoming a Dad. It’s the same thing with the dog ad below.”

SPECIAL MENTION: Heroic Tales ‘Montego Pets’ directed by Fausto Becatti at Bioscope Films.
“Man, I’m a sucker for a story about a boy and his dog. The kid in this ad sleeps with his dog in his bed. I recently started letting my dog jump up on the bed in the morning and it is the best. We spoon for 15 minutes before I get up. I know some people are very much against this kind of behaviour but if you’ve never done it then you really should, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The older guy at the end of this ad doesn’t look like the younger guy at all though, but I guess I’ll let that slide because…you know….dogs.”

About Our Judge

Graeme Jenner started his advertising career at Net#work BBDO in 1997 when he still had long flowing locks. In his first year in advertising he came 3rd in the Cannes Young Creative International competition. Upon going on stage to collect his bronze he was given a kiss by the old french chap who then realised his mistake and said ‘Oh, I thought you were a girl’. Into the microphone. On the stage. In the auditorium. In Cannes. It wasn’t great. Graeme managed to navigate that particular speed bump early on in his career and went on to make many memorable campaigns for clients like Metro FM, Opel Corsa Lite, Cell C and Chicken Licken. Along the way he collected some awards, including a couple of Loerie Grand Prix’s, an Ad Of The Year, a Gold Eagle, and a few nods from One Show, Clios and Cannes. In 2009 he served on the Print Jury at the Cannes Lions Awards and in 2011 was nominated as part of the South African Creative Circle. In 2013, together with longtime compadre Rob McLennan, he started King James II, an independent Johannesburg-based agency that has since acquired a nice bunch of clients and awards. He is now bald and has pushed out as much facial hair as he could muster. Which is probably for the best.

All SA Film Reel Entries

7Films | SJ (Direction Craft)
Moto Lenovo ‘How do you say hello?’

7Films | SJ (Direction Craft)
SALT ‘Hungry Minds’

Egg Films | Sunu (Direction Craft)
Absolut ‘One Source’

Egg Films | Dani Hynes (Direction Craft)
Wimpy ‘Big W Breakfast’

Passing Trains | Quinton Lavery (Direction Craft)
Sony Music Entertainment Africa ‘The Kiffness’

Spitfire Films | Peter Heaney (Direction Craft)
FORD ‘Adulting – A new kind of sexy’

Spitfire Films | Peter Heaney (Direction Craft)
FORD ‘Adulting – Freedom has a price’ 

Star Films | Matthys Boshoff (Direction Craft)
MTN ‘Father & Son’

They | Alan Irvin (Direction Craft)
MTN ‘Garage Band’

Velocity Films | Anton Visser (Direction Craft)
Telkom FreeMe ‘Golf’

Velocity Films ‘Anton Visser’ (Direction Craft)
Telkom FreeMe ‘Salon’

Tebza Malope | Bomb Commercials (Direction Craft)
DSTV ‘Festive’

Aces Up Post Production (Editing)
FORD ‘Adulting – A new kind of sexy’

Aces Up Post Production (Editing)
FORD ‘Adulting – Freedom has a price’ 

The Upstairs Ludus (Grade & Online)
MTN ‘Father and Son’

Left Post Production | Saki Bergh & Keno Naidoo (Editing, Grade & Online)
FNB ‘All things’

Produce Sound/Produce Music | Louis Enslin (Final Mix Sound Design)
Bridgestone ‘Passion’

Produce Sound/Produce Music | Louis Enslin (Composition and Final Mix)
Spar ‘People’

Howard Audio | Adam Howard (Original Music)
MTN ‘Father and son’

Pulse Music | Marc Algranti (Music Supervision)
FNB ‘All Things’

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