Ndumiso Sibanda ‘I’m a director who shoots when no one’s looking’

Director and photographer Ndumiso Sibanda has joined Ola! Films; a storyteller with a strong visual eye, a deep love of Africa and its people and a passion for filmmaking that stays with you long after you’ve met him.

I love documenting life unfold, but I always put humans at the centre of my stories. I want to tell real people’s stories, to show their triumph, their sadness, happiness, and goodness. I am in love with Africa’s people and want that reflected in my work.’ Says Ndumiso.

Ndumiso began his career directing some of South Africa’s most loved TV shows before moving into the commercial world, where he has since shot projects in over 50 countries worldwide and driven through the African continent from Cape Town to London by car, as one does…

His work is beautifully framed and visually rich, no doubt a result of his extensive experience as a photographer.

Photography by Ndumiso Sibanda

‘Ndumiso is such a multidisciplinary talent. He is totally hands-on, shoots video, shoots beautiful stills and is just such a pleasure to work with! Having collaborated with him before on a freelance basis, we are very excited to see him officially join our Ola! family.’ Says Ola!’s Executive Producer Olivia Leitch.

Ndumiso Did That

Interested in telling nuanced character-driven stories about the African continent, Ndumiso has the ability to beautifully capture the essence of his subjects.



Ephasini Lamabhudango

Of his most recent piece for Viceroy (edited by Heema Daya at Tessa Ford Post, creative by GREY and produced by Ola! Films), Ndumiso says: ‘For Viceroy, I photographed and directed the work and I think it’s a powerful visual piece of mixed media. 80% stills 20 % video culminating in a beautiful honest piece told about a man and his art.’

Every time we meet with Ndumiso we are reminded of his incredible love and drive for filmmaking in Africa. Combine his talent and energy with the strong producer support at Ola! and without a doubt, you have magic! We can’t wait to see what this collab cooks up.
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