The rise of Editor Shelby Ncube

Since launching four years ago, Strangelove Studios have quickly carved a space in South Africa’s post production world as the team with their fingers firmly on the pulse of what’s cool. Based in Cape Town and available for bookings in Joburg, the team have consistently been spreading their high-level of craft across the country. We take a closer look at one of their Editors, Shelby Ncube, and the part he’s played in the post house’s success.

Shelby Ncube joined Strangelove in 2018, where he was initially mentored by the keeper of the coolest name in the industry, Xander Vander (who co-founded the company with Online Artist Charmaine Greyling). With an inspiring passion for film and an unyielding dedication to his craft, Shelby became one of Strangelove’s Senior Editors, now collaborating with some of the most exciting directing talents in South Africa.

As an Editor Shelby believes you have to allow yourself to find the director’s vision in your own way and that collaboration between the two is integral, saying: ‘As an editor, I believe your job is to always push the story and make it the most effective version of itself, to interpret the director’s vision in different and considered ways.’

Shelby’s work in the last few months alone has picked up numerous awards, including IDIDTHAT Craft Awards for Corona Free Surfers directed by Bioscope’s Kyla Philander (Best in Craft), ACG ‘Make it Better’(Best in Craft) directed by Jason Fialkov for Bioscope and Sampa The Great ‘Lane ft Denzel Curry’ (Craft Mention) directed by Arcade’s Imraan Christian. His latest work on Tafel for Egg Films’ director Kyle Lewis and The Unlimited directed by Kyla Philander is further proof that everything Shelby (and the rest of the team at Strangelove) touches, turns to cool.

Shelby Did That


Editor: Shelby Ncube  /  Grade: Nic Apostoli  /  Online: Darian Simon


Editor: Shelby Ncube  /  Grade: Nic Apostoli  /  Online: Darian Simon

ACG Make it Better

Editor: Shelby Ncube  /  Grade: Nic Apostoli  /  Online: Charmaine Greyling & Darian Simon


Editor: Shelby Ncube  /  Grade: Nic Apostoli  /  Online: Charmaine Greyling

The Unlimited

Editor: Shelby Ncube  /  Grade: Nic Apostoli  /  Online: Darian Simon

Xander says: ‘Apart from his dedication to the craft, Shelby truly cares about his clients and the product he delivers. He will always go above and beyond on a job and that feels really rare to me. It’s also what makes for a great Editor.’

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