Best of Reel awarded to Glo ‘Dig Deep’ by Kim Geldenhuys from 0307 Films for Direction

Every month teams up with an industry leader to award South Africa’s best in Film Craft. This month’s Guest Judge is the legendary Founder and ECD at House of Brave, Vanessa Pearson. Hold onto your word count because Vanessa is an Advertising Person of the Year nominee, Cannes Judge, D&AD Judge and Loeries Judge, a multiple winner of Cannes Gold Lions, One Show Golds, Clio Statues, Loeries, Ads of the Year and New York Festival Grand Prix’s and one of the most highly acclaimed Creative Directors on the African Continent. Vanessa we are putting our hands together, taking them apart and doing that several times in your honour 👏👏👏


Glo ‘Dig Deep’

0307 Films | Kim Geldenhuys
Direction Craft


Audi ‘Formula E’

0307 Films | Paul Ward
(Direction Craft)

Ackermans ‘Lingerie Campaign’

Ola! Films | Chris Saunders
(Direction Craft)

Consol ‘City, Pool & Bar’

Darling | Chloe Coetsee
(Direction Craft)

Judges comments by Vanessa Pearson, Founder and ECD at House of Brave

Best of Reel: Glo ‘Dig Deep’ by Kim Geldenhuys from 0307 Films – Direction Craft

Kim does it again. Seemingly effortlessly. Yes we’ve seen boxers and boxing used countlessly in film and in so many different ways, and yes we’ve heard the inspo-alpha-male-pep-talk……and yes I had to remind myself that I’m not judging the idea…I’m looking at how the craft of direction carried the script and presented it to the viewer, and I just couldn’t fault Kim’s finely tuned eye for lighting and beautifully balanced symmetry throughout this piece. From the refined fluidity and seamlessness of the camera work, to the interplay between the action scenes and the solo performance one gets the sense of a very confident director totally at ease with the dance between subject matter and camera.

Special Mention: Audi ‘Formula E’ by Paul Ward from 0307 Films – Direction Craft

Well I’m totally partial to a Sam Shephard lookalike 🙂 I mean who would ever forget his sexy all American swagger in The Right Stuff – back when it was okay to be American and have testosterone fuelled swagger…..Paul Ward dishes up some pretty pictures in this Audi Formula E film, with it’s warm honey toned grade and sinuous and elegant camera moves.

Special Mention: Ackermans ‘Lingerie Campaign’ by Chris Saunders from Ola! Films – Direction Craft

Hello #girlsruntheworld. Hello ‘This-Is-Who-I-Am-And-I’m-Totally-Okay-With-It-Even-If-You-Aren’t’. Love the simplicity of the celebratory and free camera moves over the many varieties of the female form in this film. The director totally abandons lasciviousness and opts for sheer joy and playfulness between the subject matter and camera, and it works…made me want to dance with them. Fully dressed, of course.

Special Mention: Consol ‘City, Pool & Bar’ by Chloe Coetsee from Darling Films – Direction Craft

Chloe at her best having fun, fun, fun with tongue firmly in cheek. Liking the melodrama of these ever so simple spots. No dramatic sweeping or swooping of camera just wonderful direction of simple, single-minded performances. Nicely offset by the choice of music.

iDidTht Guest Judge: Vanessa Pearson, Founder and ECD at House of Brave

Vanessa Pearson is a founder and owner and creative executive at House of Brave, now quadrupled in size to form part of The Brave Group, consisting of 5 specialist companies, with a tribe #lionsofhydepark of almost 100 people, handling over 40 brands and products. An Advertising Person of the Year nominee, Cannes Judge, D&aD Judge and Loerie Judge, she is a multiple winner of Cannes Gold Lions, One Show Golds, Clio Statues, Loeries, Ads of the Year and New York Festival Grand Prix’s. Although she believes that shiny things are still a girl’s best friend, she is a firm proponent of purpose-driven creativity…. believing a brave new world needs brave ideas to thrive and influence.

All Craft Entries

Bravo Zulu | Porteus Xandau
‘Here, Now’
(Direction Craft)

Egg Films | Dani Hynes
Johnnie Walker ‘Keep Walking South Africa’
(Direction Craft)
*Please note: This spot does not have social media rights, and as a result, we are unable to showcase this entry.

Giant Films | Adriaan Louw
Black Coffee ‘Wish You Were Here feat. Msaki’
(Direction Craft)

Giant Films | Ian Gabriel
Continental Tyres Spiderman
(Direction Craft)

Picture Tree | Curtis Gallon
Consol ‘Celeb Feasts’
(Direction Craft)

Picture Tree | Bevan Cullinan
Kulula ‘Travel Hater – Wax’
(Direction Craft)

Sketchbook Studios | Talya Galasko
Seattle Coffee Co ‘Lingo’
(Direction Craft)

Spitfire | AK
(Direction Craft)

The Rudeboy Collective | Rob Malpage
Lexus ‘UX’
(Direction Craft)

The Star Film Company | Tristan Holmes
Investec ‘We Live in a World…’
(Direction Craft)

they | Grant de Sousa
‘It’s Complicated’
(Direction Craft)

Your Girlfriend | Morgan Dingle
Toyota Corolla Hatchback ‘Dreaming’
(Direction Craft)

The Upstairs Ludus
Nedbank ‘Unlock Your Potential’
(Offline, Grade and Online Craft)

The Upstairs Ludus
Lexus ‘The Urban Edge’
(Offline, Grade and Online Craft)

The Upstairs Ludus
Lexus ‘The Essence of Comfort’
(Offline, Grade and Online Craft)

The Upstairs Ludus
Nedbank ‘Young Professional Banking Bundle’
(Offline, Grade and Online Craft)

TigerFight | Chris Laco (Composer)
Nandos More South African Flavour’
(Original Music Craft)