TigerFight is a team of acclaimed composers and accomplished engineers adept at original composition, final mix, sound design and music supervision suited for commercials, TV, online, film & radio.


Composers & Engineers: Chris Laco / Kyle Mitas
Composers: Bass Mdlongwa
Producer: Garth Barnes

Awarded by IDIDTHAT

TigerFight | Garth Barnes
Coke ‘Chasing Dreams’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Suhana Gordhan, Creative Director at FCB Joburg
November 2018

Judges Comment: “First, I should acknowledge that I was involved in this ad. But I want to wholeheartedly salute the musos for giving this piece such a vibe. It was quite a challenge to ensure that the music felt authentic to Tanzania, helped tell the story and still felt like Coca-Cola in personality. They achieved all of this and it’s the track that fast becomes an earworm.”

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