TigerFight is a team of acclaimed composers and accomplished engineers adept at original composition, final mix, sound design and music supervision suited for commercials, TV, online, film & radio.


Composers & Engineers: Chris Laco / Kyle Mitas
Composers: Bass Mdlongwa
Producer: Garth Barnes

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TigerFight is a BEE compliant team of acclaimed composers and accomplished engineers. Composition is what we live for, be it a commercial, feature film, TV series or a radio single, we live music and have that special something to take your production to the next level. TigerFight also offers a stable of professional, experienced post production engineers to tackle any final mix, recording or sound design project. Our diverse team allows us the capacity and skill to tackle any job at any price point. We can go on about who we are, but ultimately we want you to have the best possible fit for your production and we are firm believers that our previous work will speak for itself.

TigerFight has composed music for a host of iconic commercials since their inception in 2012. From ABSA’s blockbusting ‘Swish’ campaign to Wimpy’s unforgettable ‘Mr Cuddles’ and Coca-Colas’ immortal ‘Brrrrrrrr’ campaign, Tigerfight has seen plenty of action in a short few years. Beyond Ad-land, TigerFight has scored an array of documentaries for the likes of National Geographic as well as provided the soundtrack to tv series and sitcoms alike!

8 Kei Road,
Johannesburg, South Africa
+27 84 556 7989

Garth Barnes | Producer
+27 84 556 7989

Awarded by IDIDTHAT

TigerFight | Garth Barnes
Coke ‘Chasing Dreams’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Suhana Gordhan, Creative Director at FCB Joburg
November 2018

Judges Comment: “First, I should acknowledge that I was involved in this ad. But I want to wholeheartedly salute the musos for giving this piece such a vibe. It was quite a challenge to ensure that the music felt authentic to Tanzania, helped tell the story and still felt like Coca-Cola in personality. They achieved all of this and it’s the track that fast becomes an earworm.”

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