Made Films

Created in 2020 by three friends who work really well together. Made Films is the brain & love child of Dani Hynes, Dumisani Mvumvu and Melanie Curtis. A trio who work double time to find elegant and pretty solutions always.


Director: Dani Hynes
Producers: Mel Curtis / Dumisani Mvumvu

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Let’s begin by saying this…

By the time we see it your idea’s been through a lot. It’s survived reviews, jealous glances, an array of vague, incomprehensible “feedback”. You gained kilos and lost sleep. Perhaps there is a reward out for your will to live or you compulsively Googled Hydroponic farming – whatever it took, we know it didn’t come easy. That’s why we work so hard. Cause we don’t rest till you look at it the same way you did, the first time you imagined it.

Now, let’s talk about how we get it made.

Made Films
125 5th Street
Linden, 2195, South Africa

Producer: Mel Curtis
083 566 7803

Producer: Dumisani Mvumvu
072 781 4625

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Made Films walking into their second year like…

February 26th, 2021|Comments Off on Made Films walking into their second year like…

They made it! Director Dani Hynes and Producers Mel Curtis and Dumisani Mvumvu celebrate their first year as Made. We catch up with the team to find out how the hell they did it…and there's even a bit about sea swimming piranhas.

Made Films and ‘This is a weird question, but can you…’

October 9th, 2020|Comments Off on Made Films and ‘This is a weird question, but can you…’

When Made Films Director Dani ‘What if we’ Hynes and her Producers ‘I guess we could’ Mel and Dumi first hear about a new script, the brief usually starts with: ‘This is a weird question, but can you…’ We get to the bottom of some of their weirdest requests and find out why these technically impossible projects keep coming their way.