Have some Cake. Introducing Cat Lindsay and Nadezna Radcore’s newly-launched production company.

‘Cake’ might be new, but the minds behind this film production and service company have been doing this forever. Co-Owners, Executive Producer Cat Lindsay and Director Nadezna Radcore, announced via social media on Valentine’s Day morning that Cake is officially open for business. Director and long-time colleague Rob Malpage will also be joining the company continuing this tight-knit trio’s working relationship of over a decade. We catch up with Nadezna and Cat about what we can expect from their new (ad)venture.

The layers of Cake

Let’s do a quick recap; long-time colleagues and production heavyweights Cat and Rob began their journey in the industry over 20 years ago working in some of the most established production companies in the country. Nadezna joined their team back in 2007 and throughout this trio’s journey through the industry they have remained inseparable.

Q: What does ‘Cake’ mean to you?

Nadezna: Cake is about being true to what drives us as filmmakers: love, beauty and freedom. Those are three themes that are very important to each of us and we built the walls of Cake with that in mind. Also, everyone loves Cake…

Q: What makes Cake’s offering unique?

Nadezna: Who we are…

Cat: Nadezna has the most unconventionally creative brain that I have ever come across. Through her years of researching, she has honed a considered creativity that she infuses into all her directing work. There is no uncertainty. She is like lightning on set because she has crafted everything so carefully.
Rob is such a highly accomplished and admired filmmaker, a master of directing, cinematography and still photography. His technical knowledge is incredible and he understands each piece of equipment in intricate detail. Rob is always learning about new techniques and gear that will help us work faster and better.

Nadezna: Cat absolutely loves her job; doing a quote and recon are literally some of her most favourite things in the world. Cat makes the seemingly impossible look effortless. She brings such an immense sense of calm to every project. Meticulous, organised, passionate, the perfect producer.

Slice of Cake

In case you need reminding, here is some of the work that the Cake team has had their hand in. From Rob’s expressive style that showcases his understanding of performance, composition, music and editing to Nadezna’s authentic nuanced storytelling, you really can have your cake and eat it too (okay we’ll stop now).

Nurofen ‘Leave the Pain to Us’ (Directors Cut)
By Nadezna Radcore

Renault ‘Duster’
By Rob Malpage

McDonald’s Know Our Food ‘The Fouries’ (Directors Cut)
By Nadezna Radcore

Woolworths ‘Join Our Table’ (Director’s Cut)
By Rob Malpage

If you’re interested in adding some love, freedom and beauty to your work, why not (s)talk some more? Cake on IDIDTHAT and Company Website.

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082 903 8362

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