Director Jonathan Parkinson joins Osu Creative to launch PHI 3.0

Industry renowned film director Jonathan Parkinson has joined the Osu Creative team to launch PHI 3.0. Previous iterations of the PHI creative concept saw Jonathan co-direct with director Nicole Ackermann (PHI 1.0) for 3 years and then Matshepo Maja (PHI 2.0) for 3 years. PHI 3.0 will now take on a slightly different shape, where Jonathan will be collaborating with the Osu talent to broaden their creative offering.

With almost 35 years of filmmaking experience as well numerous international and local awards, Jonathan will be collaborating in various capacities with the current Osu team. Depending on what a board demands or what the Osu team need, he will either operate in a co-directing capacity, mentorship role or as a solo director if required. Jono joins the hot talented creative team of Osu directors; Que Ntuli, Yoza Mnyanda-Siboto, Lenzo Dlamini, Marotto, RAPS and junior director Hlogi and photographers Lebo Lukewarm, Ricardo Marcusk and Michelle Perkins to launch PHI 3.0.

L to R: Ricardo Marcusk, Lebo Lukewarm, Yoza Mnyanda-Siboto, Lenzo Dlamini, Que Ntuli, Michelle Perkins and Hlogi.

First row: Ricardo Marcusk, Lebo Lukewarm, Yoza Mnyanda-Siboto & Lenzo Dlamini
Second Row: Que Ntuli, Michelle Perkins and Hlogi.

Executive Producer and Founder of Osu Creative, Simoné Bobo, says of the signing: A lot of emphasis in this industry has been put on transformation, but very little on creative mentorship. We can see what Jonathan and Nicole (Director Nicole Ackermann) accomplished together and Jonathan and Matshepo (Director Matshepo Maja). Jono comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience, something we need in order to nurture talent in this industry and also to boost our own creativity. Having a director of Jono’s calibre work with us toward transformation is incredibly important, something I hope a lot more of our industry’s established talent will consider doing. PHI will support and diversify Osu’s briefs and also broaden our creative offering.’

Jonathan says of the PHI effect: ‘I wish I had a PHI when I started in the industry. It has been amazing seeing young talent grow, but also, I have grown so much as a director. I am here with so much more experience and ability because of my previous partnerships with Nicole and Matshepo. I have learnt to listen, to collaborate and to put ego aside. There is no room in PHI for ego, this is not about wanting to put my stamp on the work. I have joined Osu to steer, and help and mould as opposed to wanting the work to look like mine. Mentorship and collaboration for me is more about listening and guiding. It has to be fluid. For me it’s about seeing where I can add to the incredible talent at Osu, listening to their wants and their aspirations, and see what I can offer them.’

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