Best in Film Craft awarded to KFC ‘Hot and Crispy’ by Anthony Lee Martin from Deliverance Post for Editing

Every month iDidTht teams up with an industry superstar to award South Africa’s best in Craft. For the month of September, we were joined by none other than Neo Mashigo. His credits are endless so in the interest of word count, here’s the highlights reel: CCO for at M&C Saatchi Group, former Chairperson & current board member of Loeries, Co-Founder of I See a Different You, on the Executive Committee of the Creative Circle, and basically won all the awards including Grand Prix at Cannes, legend. Thank you Neo, thank you!


BEST IN FILM CRAFT: KFC ‘Hot and Crispy’
Deliverance Post | Anthony Lee Martin
(Editing Craft)


Deliverance Post | Kobus Loots
(Editing Craft)

Darling Films | Zee Ntuli
(Direction Craft)

Judges comments by Neo Mashigo, CCO at M&C Saatchi Abel Group

Best in Film Craft: KFC ‘Hot and Crispy’ by Anthony Lee Martin from Deliverance Post – Editing Craft
I love how this story was brought to life. Fortunately for Anthony, he had a lot of beautiful elements to work with – from brilliant directing, a stellar performance, incredible art direction and insane cinematography. So, the pressure was on for him to bring it on. The technique was subtle, but it drove the tension in the story, which held me captive. Every cut, long and short, challenged my expectations and the FBI agent in me. I followed the story closely, looking for clues – this case had to be cracked mos. We are made to lean in even closer until the story is brought to a dramatic end by a montage of quick cuts that close the case exceptionally.

Special Mention: Nedbank ‘Secrets’ by Kobus Loots from Deliverance Post – Editing Craft
It’s hard enough to keep us attentive for 30 seconds. Well, the editor here was tasked with the enormous task of doing it on a 15-minute ad. Kobus managed to tell three simultaneous narratives yet keeping each lead central to the film. There are easier ways of telling this story, but they wouldn’t have had the cumulative effect of narrating three. So big ups to the team!

Special Mention: MTN ‘Autograph’ by Zee Ntuli from Darling Films – Direction Craft
The rugby narrative is delivered in an unexpected yet impactful way that gives one ‘the feels’. I love how the director delivered the story of the lone rugby supporter in a family of soccer lovers. Zee got us to root for Die Bokke by drawing us closer to the trials of the lead and touching on our affinity for family bonds. Nice one Zee and team!

About our Guest Judge

On top of being the CCO for the M&C Saatchi Group, Neo is also the Co-Founder of I See A Different You – a collective of Soweto-born creatives who set out to change the world’s view of Africa. In fact, throughout his career, Neo has been passionate about the creativity in Africa and producing work that better represents the continent.

He is former Chairman and current board member of The Loerie Awards and also sits on the Executive Committee of the Creative Circle. Before joining M&C Saatchi Group, Neo was ECD at two of South Africa’s largest advertising agencies, Ogilvy Jhb and FCB Jhb. While there, he was instrumental in leading both these agencies to the top spots in creative ranking tables.

Neo has won several local and international awards including a Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and The Loerie Awards. But his greatest achievement is his ability to identify and develop black creative talent that become leading creatives in the industry.

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‘Giyani: Land Of Blood Promo’
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Ludus Post Productions | Michele Wilson
Distell ‘Scottish Leader – #SeeTheWorldDifferently’
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