JumpShip is a branded content and content creation company that collaborates with clients and creatives to craft ideas for audiences through out-of-the-box storytelling, advertising and filmmaking.


Co-Founder, Managing Director & Executive Producer: Omphile Moduka
Co-Founder, Creative Lead, Director: Shilo Maloney
Co-Founder, Head of Production, Post Lead: Kgabi Diale
Creative Partner, Line Manager: Nambita Ntsaluba

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JumpShip is a 100% independently black-owned creative production & branded content company started by 3 friends who decided to forgo their jobs and pursue the advertising and filmmaking game in their own way.

With an ethos built on bringing a new age of ideas into the digital and broadcast space, we’ve successfully done work for brands such as DStv, Jaguar, Sanlam Indie, Jägermeister, SuperSport, DEFY, Samsung, Mitsubishi and Huletts to name a few.

It was started by friends with great individual and collective credits. We are Omphile Moduka (Executive Poducer) Shilo Maloney (Writer & Director) and Kgabi Diale (Editor). And in 2017 we invested in the idea of building a production house that would start by simply doing the basics better, and grow that into elite craftsmanship. We then brought on Nambita Ntsaluba to be our Creative Partner & Line Producer in the foundational stages so that she could add her experience and skill to navigate the demands of production.

We operate with a self-built network of young and hungry creatives who execute killer ideas for brands and clients. We’re the perfect fit for agencies and brands who are looking for an inventive, funny, engaging and passioned company to create work not just for them as clients but with them too.

“The name of our game is always ‘elevation’. We constantly look at ways to take a brief and unearth gems in its subject, themes and ambitions in order to develop memorable creative approaches that get clients even more excited about the prospects of their own work.” – Shilo Maloney, co-founder/director/creative lead/first known killer of the mockingbird (per his email signature).

We’re not a team made up of veterans, nor is our goal to catch up to or imitate their work or their models. We’re solely invested in surfing the next bigger wave with people we’ve been growing and working with for years. When you work with us, you work with this young family of directors, producers, cinematographers, and all-round artists who are all coming up in the industry together—and are all on the cusp of changing its landscape. This allows us to approach client briefs with this sense of connection, emotion and a collective understanding that elevates the quality of work we produce.

  • 3x Promax BDA Awards (2 silver, 1 gold)

97 Bellairs Drive

Managing Director: Omphile Moduka
082 909 8528

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JumpShip, a content creation company that can plug in and switch on for agencies

December 13th, 2021|Comments Off on JumpShip, a content creation company that can plug in and switch on for agencies

Meet JumpShip. A team that streamlines the content creation process by collaborating with agencies or directly with brands either as early on as the strategy phase or simply as a production team. They are a group of young people hungry for emotive brand-driven work, whether it’s TVCs or content. Their turnaround times are quick, they have a slick execution and work with a network of trusted people.