Director Sandulela Asanda joins Osu Creative Productions with a bang, releases AfriSam comedy commercial

Director Sandulela Asanda, who recently joined Osu Creative Productions, has wasted no time making her mark. The release of her latest commercial for AfriSam not only validates Executive Producer Simoné Bobo’s initial instinct in recognising Sandulela’s talent as a performance and comedy director but also underscores her ability to collaborate with actors and non-actors alike. With a blend of humour, irreverence, and an innate understanding of youth culture, Sandulela proves herself to be a true force on the Osu roster.

Afrisam ‘Bokke Strong’

Sandulela’s spot for AfriSam and agency Promise is a delightfully quirky ad that showcases solid performances, a great pace and successfully captures South African humour. It’s also a testament to a director who knows how to work with actors and non-actors and in this case, both on and off the field. ‘It was great to inject some homegrown humour into this spot and work to get some strong performances, even from the players. The biggest aim was to get them relaxed, in a state of play, and having fun.’ Says Sandulela.

Framegrabs from Sandulela’s spot for AfriSam ‘Bokke Strong’

Sandulela’s talent was recognised by Simoné, who saw her potential in her debut short film ‘Mirror Mirror’, which challenged even Simoné. Instantly captivated by her skills as a comedy and performance director, Simoné knew that Sandulela would be a powerful addition to the Osu roster. ‘Sandulela possesses an extraordinary eye for performance and the ability to effortlessly delve into her characters’ essence to unearth those genuine, distinctive moments that lead to magic on screen. She also brings a refreshing combination of youthful energy and maturity with her. She excels in working with younger performers, which is vital for targeting the 22-35-year-old market that is often the focus of advertising.’ Says Simoné.

Sandulela is no newbie to filmmaking and her debut short film is currently enjoying quite a bit of international attention. ‘Mirror Mirror’ is a comedic coming-of-age story that unfolds through a video call between two teenage best friends as they navigate the intricacies of self-pleasure and the complexities of womanhood. The film premiered at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and has since gained attention from various European festivals, from the Biennale to Berlin and beyond. Sandulela’s presence in Berlin extends beyond her film as she is actively engaged in conducting workshops on the portrayal of women’s sexuality in film, with plans to return in August. She also recently participated in an open panel discussion as part of the second edition of the children and youth film festival, THE FUTURE IS AFRICA, in Berlin. This thought-provoking discussion critically examined the role of women in African and Diaspora cinema, exploring the contributions of female directors in the industry and the representation of women in film.

Watch the ‘Mirror Mirror’ trailer below.

‘Mirror Mirror’ Trailer

‘At Osu, we were intentionally looking for a Black Female film director to join our team, someone talented and who brings her own point of view. Sandulela is not only a critical thinker, she also mentors and is actively involved in shaping the future of women’s role both in front and behind the camera in film.’ Adds Simoné.

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