Big love for Yoza Mnyanda’s Mini car commercial

Osu Creative Productions’ director Yoza Mnyanda is definitely in the driving seat for the latest car commercial for Mini Cooper. Bringing her vibrant style, aesthetic and Gen Z perspective, Yoza has directed an unpretentiously cool spot about sustainability. Considering she is only in her second year as a commercial director, we have to say, if this is the quality of work coming from newbie filmmakers in our industry, we’re in good hands.

Mini Electric ‘Big Love’

Conceptualised in collaboration with the creative team at Wunderman, Mini-Cooper’s ‘Big Love’ is a fly-on-the-wall spot following a group of friends living their daily environmentally conscious lives. This ad could very easily have fallen into the cheesy montage trap, but instead, it’s a fresh yet familiar ‘day in the life’ film that reflects the warmth and realness that Yoza herself exudes.

‘This brief was 100% for me. It felt like they were talking to my kind of people, my demographic and the kind of work I want to create. From the beginning, I knew there was the risk that the theme around sustainability could feel like a ‘Mandela Day Beach Clean-up’ montage, so instead, I focused on creating a day-in-the-life of these characters in order to show that this is them living their usual environmentally conscious lives’. Says Yoza.

Not only did Yoza direct the high-waisted pants off this trendy ad, but seeing as she’s also a professional musician, she and her team created the original music track too. Yoza says: ‘I set out to create a soundtrack that had futuristic synths, electronic sounds and a beat that still resonates with a progressive South African audience.’ Another thing that will resonate with a progressive audience, is Yoza’s considered casting, adding: ‘I wanted my characters to also feel like real friends, real lovers. People I see around every day – trendy but relatable.’

Osu’s Founder and Executive Producer, Simone Bobo, says of Yoza: ‘From the get-go, Yoza brought her own experiences, style and aesthetic to craft this spot into something that truly reflects her and her world. And that’s what it feels like, honest. From casting, styling and composing original music, Yoza knows how to speak to her audience, because she is the audience, she gets it. She also works exceptionally hard, is hugely gifted and her future as a commercial director is bright.’ 

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