The world has gone a bit mad over the last 20 months. This is as true in South Africa as anywhere else. It’s been a lot to deal with and we felt that people just needed a break. The “Savatical” concept was a promotional campaign that offered Savanna consumers the chance to win three months’ salary which gave them one less thing to worry about. And our radio spots addressed some of the things (and some of the people) we wish we could take a break from. Context: One of the most popular memes in South Africa over the past 12 months was an old man telling his comrades to “Rest” – i.e. to calm down and stop acting crazy. This meme went viral as you can as you can possibly imagine, and in turn the phrase “Rest” or “ Rest baf’ethu” has become South African social media short-hand for calm down, or relax, and is used to respond to the people we see on our timelines acting a fool. In our spots, we used the “Rest” concept to tell some people that it’s time they relaxed, and took a break.


Agency: Grey Advertising Africa / Team Liquid

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