From left to right: Kyla Philander, Kent Andreasen and Meghan Daniels

Eyeforce signs Internationally Acclaimed Photographer and Directors, Testimony to Global Ambitions.

Production company Eyeforce is thrilled to announce the signing of three exceptional South African talents to their roster: Kent Andreasen, Meghan Daniels, and Kyla Philander. With their well-established flagship company based in Amsterdam, and their offices in Cape Town and Lisbon, Eyeforce is focused on expanding its local reach, whilst continuing its commitment to inspiring audiences worldwide.

Photographer Kent Andreasen

With his impressive track record, Kent Andreasen has worked with renowned brands such as Nike, Vans, WeTransfer, WWF, Wallpaper* Magazine, The New York Times and Vogue. His art direction-driven approach to fashion and lifestyle highlights his dedication to craftsmanship and storytelling, making him an exciting addition to Eyeforce’s roster. Whilst remaining in his home base of Cape Town, signing with Eyeforce aims to further advance and solidify his international presence.

Director Meghan Daniels

Multi-talented visual artist Meghan Daniels brings a unique perspective to the table. As a director, photographer, painter, and with a background in multimedia storytelling education, Meghan is a true creative force. Committed to telling stories that matter, their work is driven by a strong ethical pledge to showcase diversity both on-screen and behind the lens. By keeping a finger on the pulse of current trends and contemporary culture, Meghan has a knack for making brands look hot – always bringing this and a cinematic approach to any subject matter.


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Director Kyla Philander

Finally, Kyla Philander, while remaining at Bioscope in South Africa, has also joined forces with Eyeforce to expand their career in Europe. Kyla’s evocative, empowering work as a director has garnered attention from a global audience. Their partnership with Eyeforce will help them further their artistic vision and reach the far-flung corners of the big wide world. The diverse talents and unique perspectives of all three artists are an exciting addition to Eyeforce’s dynamic roster and stand to further cement Eyeforce’s commitment to nurturing and expanding exceptional talent whilst continuing to strengthen its position as a leading production company in the industry.

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Produced by Bioscope Films

Produced by Bioscope Films

With the addition of Kent, Meghan, and Kyla, Eyeforce aims to double down on its International ambitions while staying true to a commitment to local relevance.
“I couldn’t have imagined a better collective of creatives to enrich the Eyeforce roster with. It makes our overseas connection even stronger and highlights a new chapter for the Eyeforce family. We’re really thankful to have them on board and I’m excited to see these collaborations come to fruition.” – Linda Mertens, Film & Photography Agent.

About Eyeforce
Eyeforce has a track record of working with top A-list global brands that align with their company values, including adidas, Patagonia, Shimano, Corona, and Land Rover. They have collaborated with some of the most creative professionals in the industry, hailing from companies such as Ogilvy, King James, M&C Saatchi, and Wieden+Kennedy.

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