Meet the newest production company on our radar, welcome And.

If you were the lucky recipient of a mysterious bottle of milk emblazoned with the word ‘and’ during the course of last week it is likely that your curiosity was piqued. If not, let’s bring you up to speed. And. is the new production company from Robert dos Santos and Byron Davis which stables a cast of directors with global talent. Making waves internationally And. has racked up 50+ awards and nominations for their work on the world stage. Now, their sights are set on South Africa. And with a quick look at what they’ve been up to, it’s only a matter of time before they are household names back home.


How do you take the third most used word in the English language (and) turn it into something interesting? Well, that is the entire concept behind And. To take anything, even the simplest of ideas and turn them into something extraordinary. And considering their work, they got this right.

The And. Directors

Okay, so here’s the thing, the directors at And. are not only talented, but they’re super easy on the eyes. No seriously, if the filmmaking thing doesn’t work out, we’ve got Anna Wintour on line one!  But don’t let the looks distract you from their talents. From sharp, edgy visuals to heart-warming narratives, their offerings are as diverse as they are impressive. 


With more awards than he can hold, Robert dos Santos is a rising star on the world stage and with strong representation in London he is well on his way to global success. This once-upon-a-time lawyer has thrown his court robes aside and plunged himself into the world of filmmaking. Tapped with an honorary mention by Hollywood New Directors and a win at the Los Angeles film awards he has had the opportunity to work on international projects with numerous high-profile brands. Taking inspiration from big concept directors like Christopher Nolan, Denis Villeneuve, and Quentin Tarintino, he imbues each of his projects with a cinematic touch. So if you want your commercial to have the impact of a movie, then look no further. This is a director to keep your eyes on.

Restonic ‘To The Stars’

Planet Theta ‘It Was Us’


‘In a world saturated with noise, you need a distinct voice to rise above and be seen. That voice belongs to Ryan Hing.’ A director with a singular vision and goal: to create moving images that stun. Starting out as a creative director in the world of fashion he has taken his keen eye and perfectionism and turned them towards the lens. All of his projects exude the same confident look and feel. With a focus on producing trend-setting visuals, Ryan’s touch can be felt throughout. From the wardrobe to the location from the edit to the grade, his sophisticated feel is everywhere. So if making something beautiful is your aim, Ryan Hing is your man.

United Aviation Group

Asus ‘Vivobook’


Chris has directed 4 feature films, all of which have seen widescale international distribution on significant major platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Showmax with sales in over 150+ countries and showcasings at Cannes, Apollo, DIFF and others.

When it comes to commercials and life, however, he has only one love. Cars. If he isn’t behind the wheel of one he is tracking behind it with a camera at hand. With several actual race wins to his name Chris not only understands how to shoot a car, he knows how to build them and drive them too. This means that not only do clients receive a wealth of experience, they receive a hands-on touch that understands all the aspects of what it takes to produce a solid car commercial. If it moves and it has wheels, Chris is the director for you.

Signed to management in Los Angeles and Berlin, Chris has set his sights on home and will be repped exclusively by And. for all African regions.

Audi ‘R8’

Porsche ‘If’


Byron aspires to be the nicest producer in the world and he’s pretty damn good at it. Calm, cool-headed, and incredibly polite, Byron will take you by the hand and lead you across the finish line as if you were being tucked into bed. Having come from the ground up Byron has the full spectrum of experience in having produced and/or directed over 400+ hours of film and television along with countless commercials. If you are looking to get things done on budget, on time, and still somehow feel good about it all, then Byron is the EP for you.

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