DOLPH reloads as a multi-disciplinary production company

Over the past 4 years, we’ve all gotten to know DOLPH as the ultimate crafters in post, design, editing and animation, creating a visually recognisable style that is both graphic and bold. Now with a growing portfolio of directing work, DOLPH has established itself as an independent end-to-end multi-disciplinary production company. As conceptual filmmakers, founders and directing-duo, Daniel McCauley and Jesse Coetsee offer a holistic approach to each project, able to direct with the final edit in mind.

If you’ve ever worked with DOLPH you wouldn’t have forgotten how they find such joy in every aspect of the filmmaking process and how they see things a little left from everyone else. The working environment that they create encourages play and a freedom to be creative that is so rewarding, because, let’s be honest, work is better when we’re having fun.

Picture: DOLPH behind the scenes on their Converse shoot.

Q: How would you describe the ‘DOLPH approach’ to creating work?

Jesse: We want people to approach us for our energetic and artistic style and what we offer, which is a holistic approach. Working with us you can play, you can dream, there are no restrictive attitudes.
Dan: Exactly, because of our backgrounds in animation and post and because we are a full-service film production company, we can offer agencies a bit of an edge, something extra, cheekier and a bit more ‘DOLPH’.
Jesse: We love showing agencies and clients the potential of their budgets & we really have a deep respect for the craft, so it’s up to us to take the creative’s ideas and make them come to life.

Q: Your work has always had this cool ‘DOLPH edge’ and energetic style to it, how has that evolved?

Dan: We always want our work to have a particular perspective on the craft that is a little bit unique, so you can say ‘that’s a DOLPH ad’. In saying that, I think as we’ve evolved as directors, we’ve moved from creating work that is more quirky to something a little more artistic. Our team has also grown and now includes Producer Chad Goddard and Production Assistant Charis Botha.
Jesse: We still love finding the joy in each project though, that’s what’s most important to us; positivity and creating an artistic space where everyone from crew to client wins!

Q: As a co-directing team, how do you two tackle a project?

Jesse: The two of us have been best friends and creative collaborators for almost 15 years (filming skateboarding videos on our parents’ home video recorders!). Over the years we’ve learnt to speak the same language and that leads to a really streamlined and efficient working environment on set.
Dan: Co-directing means there is also always time for creating a healthy crew culture and a creative calm environment for everyone on set.

DOLPH Did That

Jesse and Dan’s energetic style and direction chops lead to projects that have a contemporary perspective. DOLPH is responsible for a spectrum of work from TVC’s, online content & animations with brands like; Converse, MTV, Savanna, Nissan, & iStore. They are able to shoot commercials with the end product in sight and see the whole process through, from idea to final edit. Here are a few of our favourite DOLPH spots.

iStore ‘Mac is for Everyone’

Savanna ‘Demi’

Nissan Micra ‘Tech for the Streets’

Savanna ‘Dry January Animations’

You might initially intend to work with DOLPH for their directing, post-production, editing or design experience, or maybe their bold style. And you’ll get all of that, in bucket loads, but what you won’t see coming is their infectious playfulness. Jesse and Dan find true joy in their work and it’s bloody refreshing to be around. Here’s to more of DOLPH reloaded!

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