We’re a multi-disciplinary Production Company based in Johannesburg.


Directors: Daniel McCauley & Jesse Coetsee
Producer: Chad Goddard / Production Assistant: Charis Botha

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Dolph has been hacking it’s way through the video content game since 2017. The company’s energetic style and direction creates projects that have a contemporary perspective. They’ve built a spectrum of work from online content, animations & TVC’s with brands like; Converse, MTV, Savanna, Nissan, & iStore.

Having grown their team since then, they are now an end-to-end production company with their TVC portfolio gaining momentum. With 10 years of post production, editing & design experience between the companies directors (Daniel McCauley & Jesse Coetsee), they are able to craft their commercials with a holistic & final vision in mind.

• Producing work for reputable brands in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Finland, Germany and USA
• The personal conviction to not call TV ads films

4B Pinewoods
56 4th Avenue

Producer: Chad Goddard
074 151 5051

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IDIDTHAT Editorial

DOLPH reloads as a multi-disciplinary production company

January 29th, 2021|Comments Off on DOLPH reloads as a multi-disciplinary production company

DOLPH founders, Daniel McCauley and Jesse Coetsee are known as the ultimate crafters in post, design, editing and animation, creating a visually recognisable style that is both graphic and bold. Now with a growing portfolio of directing work, DOLPH has established itself as an independent end-to-end multi-disciplinary production company. We find out how the duo’s holistic approach to each project could be exactly what your script needs.