Blacksmith proves that collective creativity works [WATCH]

Since inception, the team behind Blacksmith Collective have been adamant that they will remain on the bleeding edge of creativity and innovation, guided by their motto of ‘Let the work speak for itself’. The content creation and creative problem-solving collective have worked alongside numerous award-winning agencies and on over 50 brands in the last year alone. They’ve just dropped their latest showreel and it proves that they are no longer the new kids on the block but rather a force taking up their rightful space in the ad industry.

Just a quick reminder in case you haven’t been paying attention. Blacksmith, founded by Diogo Mendonça and Marcus Von Geyso, use what they call ‘a decentralised model that assembles bespoke teams for each project.’ With access to more than 500 experts in the creative, strategy, film, web and engineering fields, there really is no job too big or small. When the film industry, along with the rest of the country, shut down for lockdown, the duo decided to use the time and take stock of their journey thus far by putting a showreel of their latest work together. With over 40 terabytes of content to go through to select the best moments (If you can fit about 250 movie downloads on 1TB, it means that 40TBs is the movie Titanic downloaded 10 000 times…THAT IS A LOT OF FOOTAGE) this was no small task.

Over the last 3 years the Blacksmith team have flexed their creative and production muscles locally and internationally, filming at events like Tomorrowland, Sole DXB and El Classico as well as having their work displayed on billboards in pretty well-known locations…Oh, don’t know if you’ve heard of a little spot called Times Square, or how about Piccadilly Circus or PSG’s football stadium? JFK Airport sound familiar?

Not to namedrop (obviously we absolutely will), but the last 3 years have also seen the collective work with the likes of Samuel Eto’o, Sway, Michael Essien, Ian Wright and Jurgen Klopp (Okay real talk, we had to Google some of those names because we know NOTHING about soccer but yoh, okay, they’re legit). They’ve also filmed with a bunch of names we do know like Post Malone, ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott, Meek Mill, Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Black Coffee, AKA, Boity and Oprah, yes people Oprah.

Blacksmith have always maintained the need for an ego free environment and to let the work speak for itself, so feast your eyes and ears on their showreel.

Blacksmith 2020 Showreel

OPRAHHHHH!! *Faints*

Marcus and Diogo could not be prouder of their epic journey, with Diogo adding: “We’ve filmed out of helicopters, coordinated yachts in the Atlantic, gripped on for dear life in high-speed car chases, shot real grenades out of a grenade launcher, lost a drone in a canyon, (and got it back), traveled to 15+ countries, created some epic content and had some life-changing experiences. All thanks to the support that we have from our awesome clients and extremely talented creatives! We really appreciate you, and in true Blacksmith style, something big is coming soon.”

Something big indeed, so stay tuned for that news dropping soon. In the meantime, why not call onto the collective with their network of over 500 specialists across various disciplines to collaborate with your brand, agency or production company and liberate creativity? Email

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Managing Director: Diogo Mendonça

Executive Creative Director: Marcus von Geyso

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