Blacksmith Collective

Blacksmith is a Production Collective, specialising in content creation and creative problem-solving.

Johannesburg, Cape Town & Durban

Executive Creative Director: Marcus von Geyso
Managing Director: Diogo Mendonça

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We are a Production Collective that specialises in conceptualisation, content creation and creative problem solving.

With access to more than 500+ experts in the brand, film, photography, post-production, animation, sound, web and engineering fields, we provide our clients with unique access to a global creative network through a single contact. We make the impossible happen by matching curated teams of experts with brave brands who want to push the status quo. Our teams stretch across the globe, with hubs in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Dubai.

We are NOT an agency,
We are NOT a production house,
We Are Blacksmith.

  • Our Vast, high profile client list
  • What we’ve been able to achieve in 15 months

Managing Director: Diogo Mendonça
076 309 8998

Executive Creative Director: Marcus von Geyso
082 635 7994

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