A Toast to the New Owners of POST

Two months ago Producer Lee-Anne Rennie and Editor Reg Voges gathered all their *eBucks together and bought out the post-production division, aptly and succinctly named POST, from Wishbones Africa. Their relaunch has lead to the company being able to operate independently, integrating permanent staff with a range of permanent in-house freelancers to build the right teams best suited for each job and client.

*We don’t actually know how they purchased POST, they might have used Bitcoin, Snapscan or beans, but eBucks sounded more magical.

The Cape Town based company is housed at the trendy Old Castle Brewery building. Walking through the doors you are immediately transformed into a beautifully decorated creative space buzzing with post-production gurus. Honestly, it’s like we’re in an episode of ‘MTV Cribs – The Office Edition’. The décor is on point, which is no surprise seeing as Lee-Anne launched her career in the industry as a set dresser. The space itself serves as one of the company’s most valued employees; a double storey design with lots of nooks and crannies, fearlessly shouting out ‘urban chic!’ We literally never want to leave, after all, being able to offer all post-production services under one trendy roof leads to jobs running smoother and way more instagrammable client meetings.

The POST Roast

Lee-Anne and Reg met 7 years ago when they joined Wishbones Africa, both with extensive experience in post-production and editing respectively. When the post-production division of the company grew big enough, Wishbones was ready to sell and Lee-Anne and Reg jumped at the opportunity.
To prove just how well these two know each other, and because we wanted to rhyme all our headings with ‘POST’ we immediately put them to the ultimate test with a game of ‘Post Roast! Most Likely To…’

Come into the office first?

Make the best coffee?

Buy a round of drinks?

Choose the office music?

Trip while walking?

Crack the first Friday beer?

From offline editing on FCP X to onlining & final grading in DaVinci Resolve (we copied that from their website because #PostProductionLingo) they offer it all! Their VFX team takes care of all compositing and online work and it’s all offered with an array of experienced freelance talent to choose from. POST focuses on everything from online content (whether it’s a gif or a short film), commercials, music videos and long form all the way from offline editing through to audio mixing, mastering and final delivery to stations or digital platforms.  Below are some spots that POST worked on from start to finish showcasing a variety of crafts, but more importantly, they’re some of iDidTht’s top picks 😎


Stanbic ‘TimeFreeze’


KIA RIO ‘Flexi’

VW ‘Marco Polo’

The POST Boast

The post-production industry has done a complete 180 in the last 10 years. Reg explains that technology-wise the industry has ‘democratised its tools’. Back in the day post-facility owners had to purchase programmes like Flame, Baselight and Avid at like a *gajillion eBucks a pop and would then employ a full-time operator. Nowadays, in the golden age of the-world-at-our-fingertips, anyone outchea can get DaVinci Resolve for free or rent Flame and run it on a Mac.
Reg briefly channels Oprah: ‘I get a Flame, you a Flame, everybody gets a Flame!’
This has all led to freelancers being able to operate like small businesses, each with their own hardware and software. POST has taken full advantage of this by housing 8 permanent freelancers, all with varied skill sets, and using the new model to their advantage to become more agile and adaptable by curating specific teams of talent around specific jobs. This also ends up translating into more affordable options for clients. Can we get an Amen?
Reg and Lee-Anne: Amen!
But of course POST is not just about freelancers or pimped out office spaces, they employ 10 permanent staff members, including Reg who is an editor/colourist, 2 offline / online editors, 2 VFX artists, a sound engineer and specialist editor and VFX artist. At any time, there are at least 20 people buzzing around, sharing creative ideas and exchanging skills within the building.

*Our eBucks estimates have not been verified by any sources.

The Hosts at POST

From the left: Lee-Anne, Reg, Vuyo, Chad, Daniel, Elton, Patricia, Vim, Mpumie, Matthew, Gloria, Leku, Scott, Sedick, and Robert.

Reg, who worked as a freelancer until he and Lee-Anne took over POST, explains ‘We can outsource a heavyweight freelance designer who can set up a project in-house, set a look and work with a client, but then our team can take over and run it out over the next few weeks.’
Lee-Anne: Basically we can take on any size job and we make it work! We will find the team to fit the job.
Reg: And everything we do at POST is state of the art. Our team is using the latest machines and the latest equipment.
Lee-Anne: Right now we are doing two huge TVCs for a client for the World Cup, all shot on blue screen. We have a 3D team building the full 3D stadium with people in it and with different flags showing the different nations. We’ve pulled in 6 more freelancers for this job. So we are able to scale up for any job and we’re also fortunate to have an actual space big enought to accommodate a bigger team.

And again, what a space it is! With three solid suites, each room being interchangeable for offline or online editing or grading and a team of highly skilled staff and freelancers, POST really is the most!


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