Together Films’ director roster grows, Director Michael Rodrigues brings a moving visual language

Michael Rodrigues, who is fast establishing himself as a stylistic director with a captivating and moving visual language, has joined Together Films’ director roster. Michael’s reel spans commercials, films, and music videos. His work has earned him recognition at festivals worldwide, including a recent win at the BAFTA-qualifying Aesthetica Film Festival for Best Music Video and, ahem, a few IDIDTHAT Craft Awards.

Michael possesses a talent for immersing audiences in the heart of a narrative, crafting visuals that not only seize your attention but also resonate with tenderness, romance and beauty on the screen. His work is a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to conjure dreamlike visions. ‘I love human stories with strong emotive elements, pieces with heart that resonate on an emotional level and make you feel something,’ says Michael.

Top to Bottom: Gif from Mwanjé ft. Sampa the Great – Wildones (Official Music Video), stills from Michael’s short films Vestiges – Pt. 3 Fugue, Vestiges – Pt. 4 The Verse and  Vestiges – Pt. 1 The Melomaniac.  

Michael has quickly made his mark as a filmmaker, collaborating with top agencies such as Joe Public, and picking up some top awards. Two of his pieces have already received praise for craft – the visually stunning music video for Zimbabwean artist Mwanje (ft. Sampa the Great), which Michael wrote and co-directed with Tarryn Hatchett, received an IDIDTHAT Best in Craft (and was also awarded Best Music Video at the BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival) and the heartfelt story told for Sanral saw Micheal and co-director Mzi Kumalo receive a Craft Mention for Direction.

Gaye Leong, Executive Producer and Founder of Michael’s new home, Together Films, says, ‘Michael’s work is truly exceptional, it carries a maturity and depth and it consistently stands out for me. Welcoming someone of Michael’s calibre into our fold is a remarkable opportunity, and we are thrilled to have him with us.’ Michael will be joining directors Alessandra Scherillo, Bevan Cullinan, Catharine Cooke and Malo 8 on the Together roster.

About joining Together Films Michael adds, ‘I was hoping to find a space that I could grow in, while feeling rooted and settled at the same time. Together felt like the right kind of production company for this, with Gaye describing it as a family. We also aligned on how I like to finesse and carefully detail my projects in pre-production, it’s this deep care that we both believe can set your work apart. Ultimately, we envisioned a similar trajectory for me, where we could work together to use the medium of commercials to tell tender, human stories that carry a gravity and a dose of magic that only film can conjure.’


Mwanjé – Wildones (ft. Sampa the Great)


Vestiges – Pt. 4 The Verse

Micheal’s journey began with a Master’s in Filmmaking (Distinction nogal) from the Raindance Film Foundation in the UK where he had the privilege of being mentored by the likes of producer Elliot Grove, the founder of the British Independent Film Awards and several other BAFTA-winning filmmakers. ‘This was such an extraordinary opportunity for me, to really have the space and time to understand the craft of filmmaking. Apart from working on some incredible film sets, it allowed me to blend my creativity with technical know-how,’ says Michael. Returning to South Africa, Michael transitioned into commercials, freelancing over the past few years and building an impressive reel. Now you can find him at Together Films.

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