The launch of THEN and THEN AGAIN

If you’ve been searching for post production company New Creation Collective and came up empty handed, it’s not because they’ve been hacked. Instead, the post house has undergone a pretty big transformation. Since its original inception over 13 years ago, the post-production company has evolved into two specialized offerings, which they decided to cement as distinct brands in a recent re-launch.

Here are four things you need to know about THEN, the commercial and film post-production house and brand new THEN AGAIN, a motion design and illustration company.

ONE: Post Production (THEN) and Illustration and Motion Design (THEN AGAIN) under one roof

The decision to split what was New Creation Collective into two distinct brands THEN and THEN AGAIN was driven by the company’s growth and the evolution of their offering.

THEN focuses on commercial and film post-production (offline editing, online finishing, colour grading and VFX) under the leadership of senior narrative editor Paul Speirs.
THEN AGAIN, headed by creative director and animator Riaan Myburgh, specialises in 2D and 3D animation, motion design and illustration.

‘Over the past decade our offering and the scale of what we offer has radically changed.  We’ve always focused on editing, online and motion but over the years we added colour and VFX. When Riaan came on board, we were able to really delve deeper into illustration and animation. That’s what motivated us to split the company into two fully-fledged offerings. Both companies are very distinct in many ways, they cater to different niches, have different clients but at the same time there is some technical and creative overlap, so it’s really cool that we all get to be in the same studio and work under one roof,’ says Paul Speirs.

TWO: New-ish office location in Woodstock, Cape Town

Mid-pandemic, the team from THEN and THEN AGAIN moved their offices from the Woodstock Exchange to a newly renovated two-story house in Woodstock. Renovating the property from the ground up means the new studio space is the perfect mix of professional and homely. The house is also kitted out with fancy amenities such as solar panels, ample parking, killer coffee and freshly baked cookies – in short, it’s everything a client (and we ourselves) would want during a review session! If you weren’t at their recent launch party sipping on cocktails with names like ‘VFX on the Beach’, ‘16×9’ or ‘Revisions on the Rocks’, then make sure you swing past to check out their new space.

‘Thinking about how to create a good work environment is a lot like buying a new mattress: you’re going to spend a lot of time where you work, kinda like how you spend a lot of time sleeping. When you’re young and carefree you can sleep and work from anywhere, but over time you find there’s things that can make those experiences better and so you invest in that. For us, moving into the new space was a big part of etching our ethos into our environment – to make the studio a place where we’re happy to come  to work every day and clients are also happy to come in to view their edits and workshop post solutions with us,’ says THEN and THEN AGAIN producer Amy Knight.

THREE: The Talent Matters

‘We have really taken our time over the years to look for and hire very specific talent, people who have mastered their skills. The team offers a lot of depth in their capacity and our work hopefully reflects that,’ says Riaan Myburgh.

FOUR: The work

THEN and THEN AGAIN’s work is a testament to the idea that, when fuelled by coffee and cookies, you can always up your game and take things to a new level.

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