Project Description

When the 2021 Festive Season arrived in South Africa after the longest eleven months in history, we knew a second jab would be the last thing on the mind of 18- to 24-year-olds, our core market. Plus, nobody had said two words about the one-dose dilemma – the popular false belief that a single shot was adequate protection. Savanna had a duty to remind our youth that ‘some things only work in twos’ – like Pfizer vaccines, #OurBestShot at getting back to normal.

So, we identified a list of words that use duplicate syllables as in “putt-putt”, “couscous”, and ”mama”. There are a lot of these kinds of words in South Africa. We then incorporated these words into a well-crafted and amusing narrative, and doubled down on the most powerful motivation of all: protecting loved ones.


Agency: Grey Africa/WPP Team Liquid

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