From left: Zwelethu Radebe, Lebogang Rasethaba and Colin Howard

New partners added to the Egg leadership team, directors Zwelethu Radebe and Lebogang Rasethaba

Following the news that Egg Films’ director Sunu stepped down as partner to focus on long-form, we were thrilled to hear that director Zwelethu Radebe and director and Arcade co-owner Lebogang Rasethaba are joining the leadership team as new partners. The two will work together with Executive Producer Colin Howard as the company’s owners and main shareholders.

Zwelethu joined Egg Films in 2017 and says of the new partnership: ‘When I was a teenager I once saw Sunu being interviewed on Top Billing and I turned to my mother and told her how inspired I felt seeing this black filmmaker on TV. To now have the opportunity to fill his shoes at Egg is surreal and the highest honour. Colin, Lebo and myself are not just colleagues, we are friends who share a vision and I am unbelievably excited to take Egg into the future.’

Lebogang and Colin’s union dates back to 2013 when they launched Arcade, the sibling production company of Egg Films. Of his new partners Lebogang boasts: ‘Zweli is a bonafide filmmaker, one of those I-picked-up-a-camera-when-I-was-4-and-made-my-first-film-when-I-was-5 directors. He is incredibly invested in Egg and the future of our industry. Colin is all honesty, has a knack for talent and very little patience for pretentiousness, he is a straight shooter with great clothes and is empirically better looking than Brad Pritt. Besides being kind, fair and generous he really knows the game and will protect his people and the work at all costs. He is a great film dad, mentor and fellow sneaker enthusiast.’

According to Zwelethu, the three share a passion for the industry that will drive representation and thoughtfulness at Egg, adding ‘As an industry we are being held to higher standards of accountability and Colin, Lebo and myself are excited about stepping up to the plate’

Colin says: ‘I’m very fortunate and could not be happier to have Lebo and Zweli as my partners, they keep me inspired and passionate about South African advertising. Together we will continue to create a supportive, creative environment for all our talent.’

Egg Films remains a majority black-owned level 2 B-BBEE contributor, with offices in Joburg and Cape Town.

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