Meghan Daniels presses play in new surreal spot for Count Pushkin

Director Meghan Daniels from Butterfly Films has delivered a visually stylised and striking spot for Count Pushkin. Working with their cast, athlete Chelsea-Sloan Samuels and Model and Dancer Sonwabile Mhlonyane, Meghan brought a playful and bold purple-fuelled world to life that we would happily get lost in.

Count Pushkin: Here To Play

With a steadily growing portfolio, Meghan has directed doccie-style spots for the likes of Nike x Caster Semenya, Adidas and Totalsports, but Count Pushkin sees them try something slightly different. Meghan flexed their stylistic flair and created a very surreal vibrant world, saying: ‘In all my pieces, I attempt to introduce stylistic elements, even if the work is more documentary in nature. For this piece, I took an entirely stylistic approach – because this was a studio-based piece, we had an opportunity to explore and create worlds. Being inspired by artists like Bjork, FKA Twigs and Rosalia to name a few, I wanted to bring this local piece into an international, contemporary realm. South Africa is bursting with creativity, cutting-edge imaginations and talent and I get excited when we’re able to defy stereotypes and tropes of what our commercials ‘should’ look like here.’

Fashion model / Dancer / Musician Sonwabile Mhlonyane on set for Count Pushkin.

Shot in studio, Meghan had only one day to direct all performances and pack shots (sound the alarm!), so they brought in their dream team – from crew to cast. In the form of the cast, Chelsea-Sloan Samuels and Sonwabile Mhlonyane were cast as the two leads, and we are obsessed. Meghan says: ‘I wanted to ensure the piece was diverse and inclusive and therefore wanted to work with talent who open up representation and challenge the norm of who we usually see in the TVC space.’

As part of Meghan’s dream team was South African record label, Swak Catalogue – artists who are creatively challenging, pushing and exploring musical boundaries. ‘I felt their sound and ethos partnered really well with the vision I had for this film.’ Adds Meghan.

Top Row: Director Meghan Daniels on set with Chelsea-Sloan Samuels and Sonwabile Mhlonyane. L to R: Stylist Peter Georgiades with Sonwabile. Chelsea-Sloan Samuels. Sonwabile Mhlonyane. 

For Meghan, it’s never just about the cast and final product – it’s equally important that each crew on set is just as diverse and inclusive, adding: ‘This is paramount in an industry that is still exclusive and inaccessible to most. When we share work, we want audiences to feel as excited by the films as they do about the crew involved.’

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