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We’re a full-service production company with international reach. Our award-winning directors are fresh, our team is diverse, and we make it happen – all of it.

Cape Town & Berlin

Executive Producers: Anna Telford & Felix Seuffert / Head of Production: Valentia Fisher
Directors: Anna Telford / Felix Seuffert / Meghan Daniels / Sandulela Asanda / Sulette Minaar

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Butterfly Films is a family business – In the best sense of the word.

We believe that success begins with trust. Hence, we treasure our relationships; with our clients, our collaborators, and our crew. We’re a family of creators with a wide range of skills and three things in common: an extraordinary work ethic, contagious passion for the craft, and an audacious disregard for conventions.

We make commercials, music videos, and documentaries and offer production services to international clients. Founded and owned by directors Anna Telford and Felix Seuffert, we’ve collaborated with a wide range of global brands, broadcasters, artists, and companies for more than a decade, creating all kinds of sophisticated short-form video content. With the experience of shooting in more than 50 countries and a multi-disciplinary skillset, we can make stunning images with almost any budget.

26 Vredehoek Ave
Cape Town

Executive Producer: Anna Telford
+27 (0)73 017 1710



Trained as a musician, Anna approaches life – and work – with an innate sense for harmony and bold moves. For her craft she has traveled the world, played with explosives, driven humvies in the desert and chased down state secrets. Having learned the ropes at Academy Films in London, Anna has worked alongside filmmaking greats like Jonathan Glazer and Nick Broomfield.


Felix likes to get to the bottom of things, be that quantum physics or a creative brief. And that’s why he sees a film in his head long before the camera turns over. A versatile director, he has a way of connecting deeply with actors and non-actors which lets him tell stories with warmth and humanity. Trained as a photojournalist and established as a cinematographer, his aesthetic is both authentic and cinematic. And yes, he’s a stickler for details. Like, in a good way. He’s born German but he’s really a child of the world.


A remarkable young voice in filmmaking, Meghan is a bit like a mad creative scientist. Fundamentally human-centric, their films are infused with a boundary-pushing aesthetic that is cinematic yet raw, tactile and honest. As a multidisciplinary creator, Meghan has their finger firmly on the pulse of street culture with an acute focus on the intersections of documentary, fashion, music and art – all of which pours into cutting edge work for brands like Adidas, Nike Global and Youtube and culture platforms like Boiler Room and the Fader.


With signature irreverence, Asanda discusses subjects that are sensitive but long-overdue for mainstream discourse. Like, show of hands: who else has written and directed a comedy about the trials and tribulations of female masturbation? With instinctive writing and performance-directing, she’s a hot talent to watch out for in the narrative world. That and her critical eye and focus on contemporary storytelling means that she’s a director for forward-thinking brands with something fresh to say.


With a background in documentary film-making, a ton of empathy and a hunger for positive social change, Sulette’s forte is transforming corporate narratives into human stories. She has produced and directed in a gazillion countries all over the world for global companies such as Mastercard, Microsoft, and Comic Relief. Everyone’s an award-winner these days, but with a Gold Loerie for Shared Value, Sulette has some serious street cred.

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Featured Stories

Meghan Daniels presses play in new surreal spot for Count Pushkin

December 13th, 2022|Comments Off on Meghan Daniels presses play in new surreal spot for Count Pushkin

Director Meghan Daniels from Butterfly Films has delivered a visually stylised and striking spot for Count Pushkin. Working with their cast, athlete Chelsea-Sloan Samuels and Model and Dancer Sonwabile Mhlonyane, Meghan brought a playful and bold purple-fuelled world to life that we would happily get lost in.

Sandulela Asanda and Meghan Daniels join Butterfly Films [INTERVIEW]

June 30th, 2022|Comments Off on Sandulela Asanda and Meghan Daniels join Butterfly Films [INTERVIEW]

Over the past 13 years Butterfly Films has established a reputation for being a team of filmmakers that always approaches the work with humanity first. Being around them you can’t help but be energised by how they live and breathe filmmaking. This is equally true for the latest two directors to join the Butterfly family; Directors Sandulela Asanda and Meghan Daniels.