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To most, launching a new company during lockdown sounds like a pineapple beer-induced nightmare, but not for the team behind Matte Black. The post production collective have created a ‘decentralised post production model’ that assembles bespoke teams best suited for each project. Without restrictions or limitations due to location or a global pandemic Matte Black will facilitate your entire post process which means you can work with independent freelancers assembled from a vast network around the world or even post specialists at a post production company, they’ll make it happen. We spoke to Executive Post Producer, Joe Erasmus, about their network of ‘Post Industry Professionals’ and how their decentralised model will make your life a lot easier.

Let’s get straight to the point, what is a ‘decentralised post production model’?

Matte Black’s model means that they can manage or facilitate your post production from shoot to final delivery, the whole shebang. Goodbye headache of dealing with a gazillion different people to simply get your post done and hello to handing it all over to your one stop post supervision shop, Matte Black. The collective’s decentralised post production model means it can assemble bespoke teams that are best suited for your project who can either work onsite with client or remotely from their own studios. The real beauty of it all is that your project is being managed by one centralised team who’ll make sure it’s running on time, within budget and is of the highest standard. Um, yes please!

Born from Blacksmith Collective, Matte Black is based on the same model. Now you can work with the very best post people in South Africa, or anywhere around the world, and it’s all being managed by Matte Black. Their network includes everyone from Senior Offline Editors, Seasoned Da Vinci Resolve Colourists, VFX Artists & Compositors, Animators and Illustrators right through to award winning Sound Engineers, Music Composers, Voice Over Artists and Film, Commercial & Content Distributors in South Africa as well as globally. The collective includes talent in England, Scotland, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, India, China, New Zealand, Brazil, California, New York and Michigan.

Matte Black is spearheaded by Post Production wizard, Joe Erasmus, who not only comes with the determination to slay all post challenges but is also a veteran in the post production game with extensive knowledge of the workflow in-between the respective departments.

IDIDTHAT: What can people be most excited about when it comes to the Matte Black offering?

Joe: Apart from our progressive approach of offering offsite post services and our network of professionals around the world, at Matte Black we are dedicated to delivering material that is on-time, within budget and as per brief. We do all of that while always maintaining a high level of quality for both end product and client service. No project is too big or too small and every request is treated with the same urgency, importance & respect as the next. We are not just another post production facility, we are a global post collective.

We all know there are projects that can’t always be facilitated under one roof, but the management and admin of said project can be handled by the likes of Matte Black, with clever scheduling, accurate time-management and open communication. Not only will this change your overall experience of the post vibe, but it’s pretty well-suited to the current challenges caused by ye olde pandemic. According to post supervisor extraordinaire, Joe, at the end of the day, Matte Black has one goal and that is to make your life easier and simpler. Why not let them? Email Joe at

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Executive Post Producer: Joe Erasmus

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