Made Films keeps growing, welcomes emerging director James Reynolds

It’s been less than two weeks since we announced that Director Bongani Morgan joined Made Films and with almost no time to wet our quills, the production company has shared some more exciting news. Made Films’ directing roster is getting even bigger as they welcome director James Reynolds.

James Reynolds is no stranger to the team at Made Films. He first joined the company just over half a year ago as an Assistant Director (or as he calls it jokingly ‘A Director’s Ass’) to Made director Dani Hynes. He first caught the team at Made’s attention because of his experience in research, writing and assisting as well as the time he had spent in just about every production department. As an actor, he’s worked all over the world and is a skilled street and portrait photographer and award-winning short film director – a ‘Jack of all Trades’ as Dumi (Made Producer Dumisani Mvumvu) calls him.

James’ role as AD to Dani didn’t last long. She noticed straight away that he was way past the stage of assisting and the Made team all thought it was obvious, he needed to graduate to director. And he did, quickly. Since joining Made, James has already directed two commercials!

Frame grabs from Director James Reynolds’ reel. 

Dani says of the new Made talent: ‘James brings such a broad range of technical, but also life experience. His acting background enables him to quickly and easily bounce off the text and into a visual space, something that very few people can do. He has an understanding of story and cinematic integrity which means when he looks at a board, he sees the humanity in it and he brings it to life in a way that is very beautiful, stylised and really distinctive. There is a stillness to his work that I enjoy and that is very deliberate, it’s very beautiful.

And on joining Made, James says: ‘I have obviously been following the Made team for a while, but I could never imagine how quickly we would hit it off. Since I started working there our relationship felt really natural and organic and I was so drawn to how collaboratively they work. They continuously share with me their experience, talent, taste, generosity and love, and for that, I am very grateful.’

James’ work is quirky, interesting, well framed and with elements of magical realism. Although new to the commercials directing game, we’re excited to see this talent grow with the heavyweight production support of Made Films.

Debonairs ‘Pots Must Fall’

Smile Foundation

Made Films Showreel

Made Executive Producer Melanie Curtis says of the roster expanding: ‘We are very excited to have both James and Bongani on board, not only because they are so talented, but also because they are so different. They bring so much with them and we learn so much from both of them. I think we have found two people who add tremendous joy and genius to the team and I’m very excited about that.’

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