Director Bongani Morgan signs with production heavyweights Made Films

Made Films is expanding their directing roster by welcoming Bongani Morgan to the family. Having established himself as a narrative filmmaker with a deep love of our country, its stories and its people, the team at Made Films had their eye on him for a while and are excited to announce that it’s official. Bonus points, he’s also a really cool and kind human – Made material!

One of the first things that struck us about Bongani is his obsession with reflecting the beauty and textures of South Africa’s cities, townships and rural areas back to us. His work captures the raw reality of life while finding beauty and magic in the most unlikely of places. Bongani is a director with purpose who believes that South Africa is only as strong as its youth and as a young director and storyteller himself, he is aware of championing his peers and empowering them in his work.

Made Producer Dumisani Mvumvu says: ‘We’ve always been drawn to Bongani’s work. When I finally met him and found out that we were both from Alexandra in Joburg and I realised what he had achieved and the kind of human he is, I fell in love. Bongani, from a young age, always knew he wanted to direct and he worked and planned toward that dream. Growing up in Alex is very challenging and in many ways his background has defined him as a director and how he values everyone’s stories. I love the quality of his work and how it makes me feel; a true storyteller who draws on his own experiences.’

Made director Dani Hynes says of Bongani: ‘You feel Bongani in his work, his gentleness and commitment to the picture and the person. That’s extraordinary. His wides and approach to the landscapes are beautiful. He captures human moments that are so intimate and raw and that’s something that we need more of right now. He’s a really fresh and unique voice with an amazing ability to find beauty everywhere.’

As a filmmaker, Bongani says he wants to continue telling real South African stories paired with the highest of production standards, and for that he needs a strong base and team, and what better team than Made Films? He says: ‘Dani is one of the GOATs in commercial directing. She has a tremendous reel, crafting such beautiful moments. I’ve always admired her and working alongside her is an honour. I have followed Dumi and Mel’s careers and I’ve always been in awe of the standard and quality of their work. I have joined Made because I want this powerful machine to help me create better work.

Bongani Did That

Right To Care – Me 1st

MAP1MP1 Documentary Trailer

Bongani Morgan Made Films Showreel

About growing the Made roster since they’ve launched, Executive Producer Melanie Curtis says: ‘I’m very proud of us to have grown so quickly and I think we have found the right people to join us. When I saw Bongani’s work I was instantly drawn to the way he saw our country. He’s a wonderful fit for Made. And keep your eyes peeled because Bongani is going to be joined by another fresh and talented director.’ More on that soon!

Contact Made Films:

Producer: Mel Curtis
082 566 7803

Producer: Dumisani Mvumvu
072 781 4625

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