South African Director Tim Weyer joins international roster at Eyeforce

Eyeforce, the production company based out of Cape Town and Amsterdam has added four new filmmakers to their force including South African director Tim Weyer. Tim comes with a holistic approach to directing, drawing on his over a decade-long filmmaking background. And yes, that IS David Coultard next to Tim in our header picture! #Twynosi

If we hadn’t already known that Tim was joining Eyeforce when we met him, we probably would have pointed him in their direction. Tim and his work have Eyeforce written all over it. From action spots to documentaries, Tim’s style is equal parts playful and edgy. Whether he’s directing David Coulthard, experimenting with dance, movement and form for Petite Noir or combining direction and motion graphics for the Polyco ‘Million Plus’ spot, it screams captivating high-energy Eyeforce!

David Coulthard takes on a taxi through Cape Town

Petite Noir – La Maison Noir

Polyco – Million Plus

Tim Weyer comes with a secret weapon, well a few in fact. Tim has been a filmmaker for over ten years but not only specialising in directing. This over-achiever, who we suspect is mainlining Red Bulls, is skilled in VFX, motion graphics, editing, composition and final mix and sound. In short, Tim Weyer is a director who does his own stunts. His multiskilled background and experience of the entire filmmaking process means when Tim is directing he knows what’s possible, especially when it comes to post-production. ‘My knowledge of all these post-production elements results in me really having a sense of exactly what we can achieve, both from a technical and budget point of view. It’s one of the reasons I love directing so much, because I can be involved in all parts of the project.’ Says Tim.

The relationship with Tim and Eyeforce actually began on the post-production side, with Tim being the go-to guy for editing on their projects. After a year of working closely with co-founder Arthur Neumeier, it was undeniable, Tim had the Eyeforce genes. An affinity for sports, adventure and human narratives, the production company has become synonymous for creating branded content that creates that feeling of freedom (indeed we wrote about how they made us want to quit our day jobs and join them) and that’s Tim!

Homegrown Tim will be joining directors Bram Coppens, Iman Whitfield and Ralf Demesmaeker as the new faces of Eyeforce available for commercials locally and abroad.

From left to right: Bram Coppens, Iman Whitfield, Ralf Demesmaeker, and Tim Weyer

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