Online Case Study

Countries around the world have tried their level best to navigate their way through COVID-19. South Africans, as is their nature, have leaned heavily on their resiliency and tenacity and, of course, their sense of humour. This has especially been evident on social media where content created by ordinary people, just trying to make it through lockdown, has kept the whole country entertained.

As a brand that constantly tells the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, Chicken Licken wanted to pay homage to everyday South Africans who are helping the nation through this challenging period. We created a brand film, driven by the creative idea “Soul Food for a soulful nation”, that recreated and praised the famous videos that kept South Africa soulful during these unprecedented times. In fact, part of what makes this piece of work unique and compelling, is that the majority of its scenes feature the very people who created the content that the film pays homage to and celebrates their soulfulness.

The film follows a cultural expert of sorts, played by Tyson Ngubeni, who has risen to stardom during lockdown, as he uncovers what makes South Africa such a soulful nation. He wants to know how it is that, in the face of adversity, the country has somehow kept its collective spirit up. His exploits lead him to Chicken Licken where he concludes that its Soul Food is what keeps this soulful nation going.


Agency: Joe Public United
Cinematography: Adam Bentel / Krewkut
Editing Company: Deliverance Post
Editor: Ricky Boyd
Post Production Facility: Deliverance Post
Film Director: Tebogo “Tebza” Malope
Film Production Company: The Star Films Co.

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