Project Description

Salvation Army ‘Winter Drive – Jeans’

Salvation Army ‘Winter Drive – Vest’

Salvation Army ‘Winter Drive – Sweatpants’

Salvation Army ‘Winter Drive – Jersey’

With much of the country being hit by bitterly cold weather, The Salvation Army, a Christen charity organisation, had extended an invitation to the public to help needy people keep warm. Major Carin Holmes, PR Secretary of The Salvation Army Southern Africa Territory, noted that many more people are in need this year because of the impact of the Corona virus and its disease, Covid-19. This moved us to create a campaign that would move people to donate their old, ill-fitting winter clothing as much as they could, to the over 200 000 homeless people living in South Africa. We wanted to convey this message in an artistic way. We did this by showcasing the physical effects left on the skin when one refuses to let go of old clothes – we wanted to highlight the frugality of holding on to that which we have outgrown. If nothing else, what we would like all to take away from this campaign is the importance of letting go, especially when it influences the betterment of those less fortunate.


Agency: The Odd Number

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