‘Let’s do this Ludus!’

Ludus has always maintained that they treat each of their clients with a personalised touch and pride themselves in taking the client experience to a new level. We caught up with Ludus Producer Mandy Biart who shared some insights into what it takes to keep this approach in place, how they pull it all off and what exactly is this ‘new level’.

iDidTht: Mandy, let’s get right down to it; ‘taking the client experience to a new level’, talk us through this please.
Mandy: On it! We look at every single aspect of a person’s interactions with Ludus. From the moment the phone rings to when they walk through our doors, through to the time they spend at our offices, right up until they leave with great work in hand. It’s all about the details, from offering healthier food menus to making them feel extra special on their birthday or just finding small ways to let them know that ‘Hey, you’re valued and a part of our family’.

iDidTht: So, how does it work internally, who at Ludus is in charge of all this?
Mandy: We all are. Clients have their own stresses that are way more than just the job we’re working on and we all understand that. It’s become part of our internal culture and each and every one of us, from the producer, caterer or online artist takes ownership of playing an important part in a client’s journey. We’re always thinking of ways we can give people more than what they expect throughout their entire journey with us, whether interacting over the phone or their experience in our studio.

No, these are not photos of Beyonce’s house. These. Are. The. Ludus. Offices 👑

iDidTht: How on earth do you stay on top of going beyond client expectations like that AND run a post company?
Mandy: Every two weeks we have a meeting called ‘Velocity Matters’. It’s where we talk about how we can make everyone we work with feel more valued, get more value from us or out of their jobs, and also how we can be more efficient. This might sound really silly but it even comes down to small things like not letting the phone ring more than 3 times or if other companies take 24 hours to send a quote, let’s try to send ours in 2. We really try and consistently take notice of how our people who work with Ludus should-would-could feel.

iDidTht: My f*k Marelize, that’s full-time work! What keeps you all going?
Mandy: Haha! This personalised approach, not only makes people feel more valued, it also has created such a beautiful culture within our Ludus fam, because it flows into everything we do – you can see it at our Ludus staff parties, how we celebrate each other in the office and even on our social media posts, we live it every day.
iDidTht: Your Insta-stories are legendary. They deserve a Loerie nom for extreme gif work alone!

Not come across a Ludus Insta-story before? Well you haven’t lived. Here are yesterday’s stories. Jokes…but they are everything!

iDidTht: You know your clients are going to start arriving with riders right?
Ha! Of course, you’re setting up an expectation which is why when I started at Ludus there were two or three people in production and now we’ve seriously had to staff up to keep ensuring that everyone’s needs can be met beyond expectations. You need more hands! But we don’t forget to take special days too. I actually just got sent a message from the office saying ‘Do you know it’s champagne day?’
iDidTht: We love champagne day! What did you reply to the message?
Mandy: What we always say in the office, ‘Let’s do this Ludus’.
iDidTht: Haha, LOVE IT!

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