Great performances, visual richness and a little bit bananas, it’s Amy Allais’ campaign for Spar2U

Ola! Films director Amy Allais has crafted a vibrant, fast paced, high-energy campaign for TBWA Durban and Spar and we love it! Amy, known for her keen sense of aesthetics and her talent for eliciting powerful performances, has delivered three spots that are super fun, uniquely South African and infused with Amy’s trademark touch of eccentricity.




Amy’s ‘Spar’ campaign explores that all too relatable feeling of life spiralling out of control, being overwhelmed with just too many tasks and responsibilities ahead. It captures the essence of chaos and then that moment where you find relief and calm, in this case thanks to the suave intervention of SPHA – a cool and confident character representing Spar’s delivery service. ‘It was really important to strike the perfect balance between the panic and the release, while still ensuring your audience can breathe it all in.’ Says Amy.

When it came to the look of the commercials, Amy worked with local Art Director Laurence Bishop to create a heightened mood, eye-popping visuals and aesthetics. Using their combined artistic sensibilities, they infused these commercials with unexpected and quirky elements unlike what we would usually associate with this retailer, and it’s really refreshing! ‘We set out to build a unique world for these characters to live in, where everything is a little over the top and bananas, like life really.’ Adds Amy.

The campaign’s transitions, all the angles, whips, and probe cameras in bottles enhance the storytelling, making the spots both visually captivating and full of personality. Even though the commercials are packed with a big dash of whimsy, they feel totally relatable… an impossibly large pile of potatoes? Been there!

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