Figment Films signs Director Imran Hamdulay

Director Imran Hamdulay has joined the team at Figment Films bringing with him over a decade’s filmmaking experience. Imran has spent his career predominantly focussed on directing award-winning long-form and feature films. The signing with Figment will see him finally get to prioritise his love of commercials directing while applying his invaluable experience in narrative drama, ability to draw natural performances from his actors and an empathetic approach to the short-form game.

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Director Jolynn Minnaar joins Figment Films

Award-winning director, Jolynn Minnaar, has battled gag orders, no trespassing zones and suffered first-hand chemical exposure from drilling sites, all to get to the heart of the story. This fearless director has now joined the stable at Figment Films where she will continue to challenge perceptions and inspire new thought as a commercial director.

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Film Director Norman Maake returns to directing commercials, joining the team at Figment Films

After a triumphant time spent in the long-form game, Norman Maake returns to the world of commercials and we couldn’t be happier to see his always-smiling face. We touch on everything from joining the esteemed team at Figment Films, his celeb-fueled career highlights, the success of his recent feature film and what makes him the contemporary South African Director to keep your eyes on. There’s also a bit about Kwaito guys, yup, it’s everything you didn’t know you needed to know.

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Figment Films – For the Love of Craft

We delve deep into the minds and teacups of the team behind Figment Films. Sit back and enjoy as they spill (their tea and opinions) on their unique perspectives on filmmaking, their shared devotion to pushing the craft and their no bull approach with clients 💪