Best of Reel for Direction Craft awarded to ‘Jakkals 13’ by Ari Kruger at Your Girlfriend.

The SA Film Reel awards the very best in craft by production companies in South Africa. This month we asked multi-award winning Tim Beckerling, Creative Director at Network BBDO, to select his standouts. Congratulations to all the winners.


BEST OF REEL: Short Film ‘Jakkals 13’
Ari Kruger | Your Girlfriend (Direction Craft)
*Produced in association with Groundglass


Patriot | Anton Visser
(Direction Craft)

Patriot | Anton Visser
(Direction Craft)

Patriot | Anton Visser
(Direction Craft)

Judges Comments by Tim Beckerling, Creative Director at Network BBDO Johannesburg

BEST OF REEL: ‘Jakkals 13’ by Ari Kruger at Your Girlfriend – Direction Craft

I know I’m an ad guy, but honestly, most ads bore the shit out of me. It’s no surprise then that from this month’s SA Film Reel my favourite piece wasn’t an ad at all.
A hilarious story of a sniper plagued by technology, his Boss and his Roommate. It is beautifully written, shot and edited with some top class dialogue and a stellar performance from the lead. I actually loled, a few times, not the kind where you barely crack a smile and say that you did, actual out loud lagging. It’s so rad to see such a high-quality film coming out of South Africa. A lot of time, effort and money goes into these sorts of things and more often than not there is no budget to speak of. Well done to all involved, it’s a piece of work you can all be very proud of.

PS. You can buy me a piece of cheesecake sometime.

SPECIAL MENTION: SPCA ‘Get This’ by Anton Visser at Patriot – Direction Craft

This campaign shows you can choose your best friend but not your family. The performances of the leads are dry, funny and real and the contrast between them and the characters that are introduced to the scenes to land the idea are nicely timed. Some good old comedy to support a cause that’s close to my heart. Cheers dudes, nicely done.

About Our Judge

iDidTht Guest Judge: Tim Beckerling, Creative Director at Network BBDO Johannesburg

Over the past 16 years, Tim has worked at some of the country’s top agencies. But Net#work is home. After a 5-year walkabout, he returned to the # in 2015 as a Creative Director, winning the Loerie Mobile Grand Prix within a year for his work on Tusker Lager. He has won over 90 local and international awards, but his focus remains strongly on creating work that stands out to real people and creates tangible business results. When he isn’t coming up with ideas, he’s at the racetrack on his motorcycle or being assaulted by his niece and nephew, aged 3 & 4.

All Film Reel Entries

7 Films | Lourens Van Rensburg
WCG ‘Drinking and Driving Easter Campaign’
(Direction Craft)

7 Films | SJ
Safaricom Flex ‘Flex Salon’
(Direction Craft)

Arcade Content | Zandi Tisani
Standard Bank ‘Take The First Step #Today’
(Direction Craft)

Arcade Content | Lebogang Rasethaba
Standard Bank ‘Conquer Fear #Today’
(Direction Craft)

Bioscope Film | Aadil & Steph
Klipdrift ‘Fork ‘n Knife’
(Direction Craft)

Bomb Commercials | Tebza
Ricoffy ‘Matric Results’
(Direction Craft)

Egg Films | Dani Hynes
ABSA Rising Eagles ‘Introducing Paul. Don’t be like Paul.’
(Direction Craft)

Egg Films | Sunu
Hollard ‘Enabling better futures’
(Direction Craft)

Passing Trains | Etienne De Villiers
HAAS Advertising and SPUR ‘Masidlale – Studs’
(Direction Craft)

The Star Film Company | PHI
KFC ‘Big Boys Do Cry’
(Direction Craft)

The Star Film Company | Matthys Boshoff
Outsurance ‘Homecoming’
(Direction Craft)

Velocity Films | Rob Smith
PHFAT ‘Keep You Safe’
(Direction Craft)

Your Girlfriend | Morgan Dingle
Toyota ‘Ouma’
(Direction Craft)

Upstairs Ludus
Audi #Untaggable
(Offline Edit, Grade and Online Edit)

Upstairs Ludus
Nandos ‘Mix it up’
(Offline Edit, Grade & Online Craft)

Howard Audio | Adam Howard
Samsung ‘A Way of Life’
(Original Music Craft)

Howard Audio | Adam Howard
Ricoffy ‘Results TVC’
(Rerecord Music Production Craft)

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