MTN, Africa’s largest mobile network operator, with 272 million customers in 19 markets, tasked us to develop a new Pan-African brand refresh campaign. As part of the full 360 degree relaunch, we also developed a brand film to reflect the spirit and energy of the new campaign. Centred on the provocative campaign idea, “What are we doing today?”, the concept was built around the idea of feet, and how people use their feet as tools to create change in the world. This film was intended for a Pan-African audience and the multi-market approach informed not just the Casting, but also the Locations, Lighting and Art Direction, Sound Design and more. For example, we were inspired by authentic African design language when we created the on-screen illustration elements. From a Casting, Location and Production Design point of view, the idea was to be broadly representative of the continent, without making any scene so specific that it felt like it reflected a specific culture or country. Since the whole concept was built around the idea of feet, we decided that the chosen music track would have to guide the rhythmic movement of feet throughout the film. This movement was our inspiration for the Sound Design. Early on in the process, we already knew that the audio in the film would dictate the pace of the edit. The soundtrack (“Go up” by Gizzle) was selected accordingly to set the rhythm. With the track as a base, we then used Sound Design to add emphasis, nuance and context. We gave each scene its own ambient environmental soundscape.


Agency: TBWA Hunt Lascaris
Production Company: Darling Films
Music / Sound Production Company: Sterling Sound
Post Production Compan: Post ModernSinister Studios
Director: Slim Grippa
Editor: Will Kalmer
Music Supervisor: Marc Algranti
Sound Designer: Lorens Persson
Animation: Sinister Studios
VFX Supervisor: Christian Van Der Walt

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