Osu Creative Productions sign two rising stars; director Yoza Mnyanda and photographer Michelle Perkins

‘Yoza and Michelle recently became part of the Osu family and brought with them a refreshing wave of creative intelligence. Their agile, collaborative and daring approach within their respective disciplines, made them an obvious fit to the Osu way of working. They both have distinctive ideas to treat their disciplines and creating impactful work. With Yoza honing her craft in treating visual and strong performance films, and Michelle meticulously perfecting her artistic and performance direction in every still image, we are excited to journey with them in shaping the film and photography industry to the future.’ – Simoné Bosman, Executive Creative Producer

After meeting up with both Yoza and Michelle, we totally agree with Simoné and couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We dropped them each a question to give you a little more insight into why these emerging talents will be a perfect fit for your next project. Ya, we know, you can thank us later!

Meet Director Yoza Mnyanda

The name Yoza Mnyanda might ring a bell as, despite being a filmmaker, she is also one half of SA’s afro-funk duo, Darkie Fiction. We really couldn’t introduce her to you as a director without giving a shoutout to her work as a musician, so to put a smile on your face give their track Bhoza a watch and listen.

Okay, how epic are those Wheetbix walls though?!

*Back to your scheduled programming.*

Having started her career as a filmmaker in cinematography and editing, Yoza soon began directing music videos for the likes of Shekhinah and Sho Madjozi. Our one question for this incredibly charming and funny filmmaker was:

Q: ‘What is the kind of work you set out to create?’

‘I’m interested in creating work that puts women as the leads. I want to see more black women, I want to see braids, I want to see afros, I want to see dark skin, I want to see acne, I want to see different-sized bodies. I’m inspired by the people that raised me, by family, wholesome things. I want to see more black love in relationships. I want to see black women and not caricatures of black women. Mostly, I want to see what I never got to see onscreen and that is the work I will create.’

Yoza Did This

Even though we’ve picked two music videos from Yoza’s reel, she definitely shouldn’t be pigeonholed. Yoza shows a real knack for visual storytelling as well as performance and we can’t wait to see this talent move into the commercials world.

Darassa ft Sho Madjozi – I Like It

Shekhinah – Tides (Official Music Video)

Meet photographer Michelle Perkins

Inspired by her father’s extensive collection of photographic equipment as a child, Michelle went on to spend years honing her craft through studying, internships and well, industry hustle. After assisting established Osu photographer, Lebo Lukewarm on set, she was introduced to Exec Producer, Simoné Bosman. Simoné immediately saw value in Michelle’s work, signing the talent and making Osu the new space where Michelle will continue to develop into the success we can see she’ll become.

Our one question for this photographer with an incredible sense of style and her own fiery model looks was:

Q: ‘How would you describe your work?’

‘Beauty is fundamental to my photography. I find beauty in every single one of my models. There is beauty in everything, which is why I keep my work as natural as possible, while still maintaining elements that embody my own personality, which is playful, quirky and colourful.’

Michelle Did This

Michelle brings a fresh, artistic and playful approach to her work with a natural eye for fashion and beauty. We were seriously spoilt for choice when it came to sharing some images from her portfolio with you, so here are just a few we loved, but you can view more of her work here.

Congrats to OSU and their impeccable taste in talent. We can’t wait to see Yoza and Michelle soar amongst the giants. Wanna (s)talk some more? Osu on IDIDTHAT and Company Website.

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