Eyeforce Cape Town turns up the heat, signs Director Ross Hillier and Head of Production Sam Lowe

Based in Amsterdam and Cape Town, production company Eyeforce has signed new talent to their Cape Town roster. We rolled out the red carpet to welcome Director Ross Hillier and Head of Production Samantha Lowe. The duo not only share Eyeforce’s affinity for sports, adventure, sustainability and human stories but will be bolstering the company’s commercial offering.

Director Ross Hillier

Ross Hillier is a creative name on the streets of Cape Town and has been since most of us were lightweights. His photographic creations came to life naturally and quickly developed into his dynamic filmmaking skills which are not only admired by many but also caught the ‘eye’ of Eyeforce.

Ross’ projects draw on raw emotions, whether it’s a fast-paced adrenalin-pumping campaign for athletes or a poignant piece rich with symbolism. He is known for his signature natural lighting, lensing and composition ability, something that gives him that extra edge as a director and which he cleverly uses to achieve a cinematic visual narrative. With his roots in photography and his background as a DOP, his directing style is the definition of ‘look before you leap.’ Of his work Ross says: ‘I approach every project with the idea of how I can make this beautiful and how can I produce something that I will be proud of. I really enjoy bringing together a team that adds value in all their fields. Collaboration is very important for me.’

Director Ross Hillier (left) and Arthur Neumeier (right)

Ross’ journey with Eyeforce began when he and Co-founder Arthur Neumeier first co-directed a spot for King James and Stella Artois (still to be released) and then for the French sports brand, Intersport. While the two knew each other from the streets (and the waves) of Scarborough, they had yet to work alongside each other, something they both realised they should have done years ago. Of the signing, Arthur says: ‘Ross shares in the Eyeforce sense of adventure and his diverse skill set as a filmmaker and musician makes for rich impactful commercial work. I haven’t come across a person with so many skills. He brings a real love of filmmaking, is a talented creative and a great addition to our team.

On joining Eyeforce, Ross added: ‘Before I met Arthur I saw Eyeforce’s work and thought to myself, wow I wish I could work with these guys. Fast forward 2 months and I’m co-directing a commercial with him. Eyeforce’s look and feel is stylish and slick, the work they do is in line with preserving nature and they gravitate towards meaningful projects that try to make a difference.’

Ross Did That

It’s hard to pin Ross down to one specific genre of commercial filmmaking, from car ads to exploring femininity and the human body. Ross is malleable and agile, his work is energetic, fast-paced, but it’s also diverse, and he brings a sense of the human spirit to his projects.

Intersport | Europe

Artgrid | Swim

Remember Me | Porsche

Head of Production Sam Lowe

Joining Ross as the Eyeforce newbies and taking on the role as a Head of Production in Cape Town is the filmmaking-obsessed Samantha Lowe. Sam relishes joining a company that shares a passion for authentic stories. From photography to being a runner and 1st AD on the set, becoming a producer was a natural next step for her that allows her to bring all the things she has learnt in life into one role. As a Senior Producer, Sam brings years of experience and know-how to the team, having overseen multiple productions for high-end brands and agencies in both film and photography.

Head of Production Sam Lowe

Arthur adds: ‘Sam is hard to miss in a room with her talent to elevate the shoot with her radiant energy and her hearty laugh that brings a smile to everyone’s face. She is very involved in the whole process and always thinking about the bigger picture or is strategising ways to improve the work. She invites the right crew to every project and with her extensive network she knows how to elevate projects for our clients. She loves a challenge, is dynamic, energetic and firm but is also a great laugh. In short, it’s a dream to have her on our team.’ As a Head of Production, Sam says she hopes to push the envelope with projects that are raw, real and impactful, as well as ensuring the production quality is taken to the next level.

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