Director Slim makes you want to get up and change the world in new spot for MTN

Darling Films’ director Slim was selected to direct the first TVC for MTN’s brand platform relaunch. This commercial repositions MTN across Africa putting the continent on a global stage. The launch of the campaign ‘What Are We Doing Today’ sees Slim unleash an eye-catching and foot-stomping piece of conceptual storytelling that will make you wanna get up and change the world!

MTN ‘With just two feet, you can move the world’

Conceived by the team at TBWA Hunt Lascaris (CCO: Pete Khoury, CD’s: Shane Forbes and George Low, Global Lead: Karen Ballenden & Agency Producer: Rachel Andreotti), the commercial explores what we can achieve by using just our two feet; from kicking mom in the womb to kicking ass in the boxing ring. ‘We took something that is usually taken for granted and relooked at it in a new way, like feet. They can tap or kick, which creates a beat, which creates a rhythm, which creates the essence of any music. They can bring people together and unify them at a rally. One feet-driven scene initiates or inspires the next, and so on. For the final scene, we took it back to the beginning, the womb, where the final point of inspiration is transferred to an unborn child – the next generation. This leaves the story with a powerful question as to where this child will go and what they will create or achieve that will inspire generation after generation. All because of something initiated by their feet.’ Says Slim, taking us through the idea.

As he so often does in his work, Slim brings a strong conceptual eye to this spot without ever sacrificing the storytelling. He shares intimate moments of human triumphs and joy, all set to an energetic track by queer female American rapper Gizzle and titling by contemporary Joburg artist Thabang Lehobye. That’s another thing, Slim is cool, although he’ll never admit it of course. He gets the youth market, understands trends and brings an artistic sensibility, point of view and aesthetic to his work. Passionate about experimenting with new techniques he is always able to create work that feels new and revolutionary.

From L to R (top): Production Designer Chantel Carter constructed an entire fishing village in Kliptown. Bunmi Ojewole, doctor by day, kickboxer by night, prepping for her scene. (Bottom): On set with Bunmi looking badass. Kickboxing set downtown Jozi. Slim and Shane Forbes on set.

On his approach to directing the commercial Slim says: ‘There has to be a reason behind whatever technique you use as a director. I always have to have a strong idea, then I know what the emotion and tone need to be. With MTN, I wanted people to tap their feet, to get up and want to change the world, so that was something that I kept in mind throughout the entire shoot, the edit, the music, everything.’

Whether it’s upbeat or more heartfelt dramatic spots, through visual storytelling and finding those human truths, Slim certainly knows how to give the audience the feels. He has the ability and versatility as a storyteller, but what really makes Slim unique is that he is quintessentially a visual and conceptual artist. What some might not know about this director is that when not behind the camera Slim is a portraiture artist, although far darker in subject matter than much of his directing work. (Check his artwork out here.) In both mediums, Slim’s art and his directing, he is able to capture humanity and intimacy. He is a phenomenal creative mind and a brooding quiet artist who attacks everything with a fresh approach and we want more!

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