CreateSA.tv2023-08-23T16:01:57+02:00 is a female-owned production company championing #Radicalinclusivity while offering affordable yet world-class TVC, online video, music video and stills solutions to our clients.

Cape Town & Johannesburg

Executive Producer & Founder: Elisma Uys-Hanekom / Head of Production & Inclusivity: Nicola Scott-Barrett
Directors: Delta The Leo / Lucinda Ohlson / Uys-Hanekom (Director Duo)
Editors: Dirk Hanekom (Chief Editor) & Nicola Scott-Barrett
Photographers: Basetsana Maluleka / Legae Sehlako / Liezl Zwarts / Lili Bo Ming


Basetsana Maluleka

Basetsana Maluleka is a South African-born Commercial and Fashion photographer, living and working between South Africa and Australia. As an openly queer and passionately colourful creative, she draws inspiration from real-life experiences and shines a light on some of the social issues surrounding African women and women across the border.

Johannesburg, Cape Town & Australia

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Delta The Leo |

Delta is a multi-talented powerhouse, born in rural Limpopo, inspired and groomed by the streets of Alexandra Township. Much like her personal style, she is not afraid to push the envelope in her creative work as a director, rapper and choreographer.

Legae Sehlako

Legae Sehlako, also known as Blackmilk, hails from the vibrant township of Soweto in Johannesburg. Having worked with a variety of large brands, publications and celebrities, Elle has honed her skills as a versatile creative professional, making strides as a photographer, videographer and creative director. As a Sony Ambassador, Legae is committed to empowering and growing aspiring female photographers.


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Liezl Zwarts

Liezl Zwarts is an award-winning commercial and fine arts photographer, with a large local and international client portfolio including Nike, POLO, H&M, Converse, Uber Eats, Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s, Jameson, Viceroy, FNB, Telkom, Foschini and many more. She lives between New York and Johannesburg with her daughter, her partner, two cats and an absurd amount of house plants.

Johannesburg & New York

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Lili Bo Ming

Lili Bo Ming is a multi-faceted creative with a passion for visual storytelling and authentic connection. As a photographer, filmmaker and DOP, Lili’s work explores and celebrates the feminine/nonbinary gaze in an industry often dominated by men. Using visual narratives as a tool to educate and provide understanding and catharsis for their viewers, Lily’s dedication to storytelling and connection shines through in every project they undertake.

Cape Town & Johannesburg

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Lucinda Ohlson |

Lucinda Ohlson is a visionary Writer and Director, known for her ability to bring high-concept narrative to life through her unique imagination and passion for creative excellence. Having directed commercials for esteemed brands such as Allan Gray, Nedbank, Magnum and Unilever, as well as short films and music videos that are visually stunning, emotionally impactful and well-choreographed, Luci is an upcoming creative force to keep your eye on!

Nicola Scott-Barrett |

Nikki is a multi-talented Visual Creator with expertise in video editing, art direction, production, design, and most recently, AI and visual prompt engineering. With over 15 years of experience working on local and international Television, commercial, film and stills productions in various departments, Nikki has a thorough understanding of what it takes to create engaging, authentic and professional content, from conception to final execution.

Cape Town & Johannesburg

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Uys-Hanekom (Director-Duo) |

Dirk has an exceptional talent for writing, directing and editing authentic and emotive content, be it short film, music videos, television or online commercials. Elisma has an honours degree in Fine Arts and 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, having worked in strategy, production and client service. Together, this formidable husband-wife team is uniquely positioned to bring your big (and small) ideas to life through authentic storytelling and creative excellence, backed by a thorough understanding of considerations such as client expectations, budget limitations and production parameters.

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Production company on creativity through inclusivity is a 100% female-owned production company that’s basically doing it all, and doing it a little differently. Their talent pool includes directors, cinematographers, photographers, and editors, all geared up to create TVC’s, digital content, and campaign stills. Apart from offering solutions from concept to post, what really sets apart, is the heartbeat of the company – an approach they call #Radicalinclusivity.

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