Cars, food and…self-driving beds? Behind the lens with multifaceted Director Kofi Zwana

Hungry Films’ Kofi Zwana is the kind of director who brings it all to the table. With his technical experience, passion for visual storytelling, and collaborative spirit, he’s as multi-faceted in his role as a director as he is in his personal life. His latest spot for Spur is a whirlwind morning adventure with beds navigating Cape Town’s early morning traffic to deliver their occupants straight to breakfast. Bed goals! This playful spot perfectly reflects Kofi’s infectious energy and enthusiasm.

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So, Who Is Hungry Films

We get to know the team that went from a small garage in Emmarentia to producing over 42 projects in just a year. It’s everything you needed to know about the Hungry Films Directors and some things you really didn’t need to know, like what they would all order for their last meals… Cause hey, there’s no need to get hangry when Hungry Films is around.

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