Best of Reel awarded to MTN ‘Mic Drop’ by the Upstairs Ludus

January’s Craft Awards were judged by the legendary Creative Director at Hellocomputer, Camilla Clerke. Camilla has gone from winning awards at Loeries, D&AD and Cannes to judging awards at Cannes to even filling a can with water from a stream #DayZero. She’s a pretty big deal and it’s a privilege and an honour to have her *curtsy


Upstairs Ludus
(Grade and Online Craft)


SPECIAL MENTION: Showmax Tali’s Wedding Diary ‘Makeup Advice’
Sketchbook Studios | Ari Kruger
(Direction Craft)

SPECIAL MENTION: Ster Kinekor ‘The Reign of Ian’
They Shoot Films | Grant de Sousa
(Direction Craft)

SPECIAL MENTION: Sanlam ‘2-Minute Shower’
We Love Jam | Jeremy de Tolly
(Remixes of existing tracks / Music Production Craft)

Judges comments by Camilla Clerke, Creative Director at Hellocomputer

BEST OF REEL: MTN ‘Mic Drop’ by the Upstairs Ludus – Grade and Offline Craft
It’s hard not to be mesmerized by this little masterpiece. Straight from the streets of Gotham City (well, the MTN version at least), it is as enjoyable to watch as it probably was tiring to make – very. Especially post. The grade is clean, crisp and fresh, seeing the compulsory MTN yellow in a new light – literally. A glowing yellow orb that floats around the streets, bringing to life the world of music, gaming and memes that sit within your smartphone. The attention to detail is super – with only one or two things that could be neatened up (like the yellow on the girl’s face at the end). But who’s counting? Not that this has anything to do with the grade – but it’s worth mentioning that the ad is cleverly and intentionally cut to the music, making for a watchable piece of content that almost makes me forget how much MTN data I used to consume it.

SPECIAL MENTION: Showmax Tali’s Wedding Diary ‘Makeup Advice’ by Ari Kruger from Sketchbook Studios – Direction Craft
January is a tough month. Fridge contents are sad, the realities of a “long year ahead after annual leave” set in, and many are attempting a dry month – which is as little fun for them, as it is for the friends who have to put up with it. That’s why we need Tali. Comedy is hard – to do well, and to direct well. Less is more has certainly paid off here, with Tali performing into the camera, zero props, against an off-white wall. But somehow, Ari and Julia just got it right. The quick, but subtle cuts help with the comedic timing – but not so choppy that it feels erratic. The music choice works, cutting at appropriate moments. And the ambient sound of jingling earrings and squeaky leather just make Tali even more absurd. A well-directed performance, making a Jozi girl talking smoky eyes into a camera, just feel like more.

SPECIAL MENTION: Ster Kinekor ‘The Reign of Ian’ by Grant de Sousa from They Shoot Films – Direction Craft
Pretty much a 1,5 hour movie made into a 1,5 minute ad – it’s got the whole plot.
We watch as Ian falls from grace as his power-high becomes too much for his office. The casting is good – from Ian (SA’s answer to Zach Galifianakis) to the extras. The music is full of drama. And the acting, although a little overdone and a bit forced in parts (but I guess that was the point), hits the right note. A littttle obvious, but still a good mini movie reminding us to watch the real thing.

SPECIAL MENTION: Sanlam ‘2-Minute Shower’ by Jeremy de Tolly from We Love Jam – Remixes of existing tracks / Music Production Craft
This deserves a mention as it couldn’t have been an easy task. But Jeremy managed to take award-winning, well-known tracks by famous local artists, and make them just as great to listen to – in two minutes. I didn’t even really miss the additional minute.

About Our Judge

iDidTht Guest Judge: Camilla Clerke, Creative Director at Hellocomputer

Camilla Clerke studied a B.Com CA, getting out just before the boredom killed her to complete a Diploma in Copywriting at Red & Yellow. She made her way to Joburg, working at MetropolitanRepublic for a number of years on clients like FNB and MTN. With a digital itch to scratch, she joined Hellocomputer and was part of the team to create many firsts – like building a real-life website on a cycling track for Toyota and turning a non-profit organisation into a Media Agency called Social Feed. Over the years she has won a couple of awards. From Loeries to Pixels, D&AD, Cannes and FWAs. But, of course, awards don’t matter (they do).

All Film Reel Entries

Bomb Commercials | Tebza
OLX ‘People’s Side Bae’
(Direction Craft)

Direction Films | Willem Grobler
Media24 Sliced App ‘Print Station Predicament’
(Direction Craft)

Direction Films | Willem Grobler
Media24 Sliced App ‘Water Cooler Weirdo’
(Direction Craft)

Giant Films | Karien Cherry
KIA ‘The Tshabalalas’
(Direction Craft)

Giant Films | Karien Cherry
KIA ‘The Harrisons’
(Direction Craft)

Picture Tree | Bevan Cullinan
Kulula ‘Luggage #TravelHater’
(Direction & Editing Craft)

Picture Tree | Bevan Cullinan
Kulula ‘Holiday Snaps #Travelhater’
(Direction Craft)

Sketchbook Studios | Ari Kruger
Showmax Tali’s Wedding Diary “Wedding Fitness”
(Direction Craft)

Your Girlfriend | Morgan Dingle / Hugh Davison
Toyota Hilux Dakar ‘The Nod – Directors Cut’
(Direction & Original Music Craft)

The Upstairs Ludus
Kwesta ‘Spirit’
(Offline, Grade and Online Craft)

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