Post Production, here’s another way.

Producers, listen up. Whether you’re an agency Producer, production company Producer, or freelance Producer, (we know, that you know) you’re the busiest damn person in the industry, so we’re not going to waste your time. We’ve made this short; there is a streamlined way of handling your post and it’s by letting someone else do it for you… Without having to add anything extra to your budget. Meet Joe from Matte Black.

Joe Erasmus, who comes with over a decade of post experience, is the Post Production Executive Producer of Matte Black. If you don’t know who he is, you’ve probably just been born and, in that case, welcome to the world and skip down to the ‘Who the hell is Joe’ section below. For now, let’s get to the point…

What the hell does Joe do and why you should give a damn

Joe handles your post production process, either from beginning to final delivery or plugs in where needed.
As a Producer, you know the pain of having to deal with multiple people at multiple post shops. You’re in talks and negotiations with producers for the offline edit, the grade, the VFX, the animation, and the music and sound. If your suppliers are not based at the same company, each one of them need to speak to you, need to get quotes to you, deliver final material to you, invoice you and, God forbid, voice note you. Here’s the thing, Joe can do this all for you. You JUST deal with Joe.

Think of Joe as your go-go-gadget Post person who handles EVERYTHING post. He can step in on already-existing and in-production projects or anything new that needs to be quoted, scheduled, produced and delivered. No job too big or small. You ONLY deal with Joe, while he dials into his global network of specialists and suppliers, who together will make post magic happen for you. With alliances across the world, physical space for in-studio sessions is never a problem. He does the chasing for you, deals with all the suppliers (or just some of them depending on your needs), gets the quotes, delivers material on-brief, on-time and in budget while always keeping to a strict level of quality for both final material and service. It’s a beautiful bloody streamlined thing…

So, what else do you get?

Well, what about all your media not being bloody sent to you in bits and pieces on memory sticks or not having to download another WeTransfer file? Joe stores everything neatly in one place so your whole team has access. He calls this his ‘alwaysavailable’ cloud-based storage that will have all assets from beginning to end for any additional creative needed in future.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, the drops from your Rescue Remedy bottle simply aren’t dropping quick enough, budgets are less, and workloads are more !!LOLFEST!! If there is a chance to make your life a little bit easier and simpler, try it out or just give Joe a call…or even a voice note, he doesn’t mind.

‘Who the hell is Joe’ (Skip this if you already know Joe)

You know Joe, right? Really?! Okay, so Joe has been around forever. Over the past year alone, he has completed 133 post projects for Matte Black’s global post studios. Joe is all about collaboration both internationally and locally, collaborating with industry professionals and leaders in their fields. His network is strong, the talent abundant and he flippin loves what he does.

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Contact Joe at Matte Black

Exec Producer: Joe Erasmus
082 214 4937

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