Project Description

Netflix is the biggest name in online entertainment, with almost 200 million subscribers world-wide. But in South Africa, the number of subscribers is surprisingly low in relation to our population; with under half a million members. We wanted to drive subscriptions in South Africa by driving relevance in a South African market, connecting our audience to the content. ‘Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey’, was the first title we brought to life. To do this, we created a proudly South African Jingle, featuring the Ndlovu Youth Choir.

With the movie being a musical, we focused on the magic in the lead soundtrack, ‘The square root of possible’. We started by rewriting the song and translating it into the most widely spoken language across South Africa, IsiZulu. We then recorded this version with the help of the talented Ndlovu Youth Choir and aired it on local radio stations and audio streaming platforms.

With the sunset over a Jozi skyline as our backdrop, we created our own music video. This was then posted on social platforms as we drove excitement for the show and Netflix as a whole. Our South African spirit travelled across the country just in time to bring some Christmas cheer to people who needed it most. And even touched the hearts of the creators themselves.


Agency: Clockwork
Post Production: Andre Coetzee & David Grevler / Clockwork 

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