You’ll Know It When You Feel It. Flavour So Intense It Will Move Even the Most Stoic Amongst Us to Tears. Cape Town, South Africa. How does one convey taste and flavour? If you’re Chicken Licken, you push the boundaries of absurdist humour and oddball characterisation to deliver another original and offbeat piece of filmic storytelling that has become the signature of this iconic, well-loved South African brand. To communicate the intense spiciness of their Rock Your Soul® Meal, an unlikely hero was chosen: Andisile – a man who is not moved by much. Our deadpan protagonist lives his life unaffected by the storm of emotions other ordinary mortals feel. He knows he should feel something, anything, but so far nothing has managed to touch him in any meaningful way. Whether it’s scoring the winning goal or getting his hand caught in the boot of a car, Andy remains impassive. Until, at last, he discovers something that stirs the deepest untouched recesses of his soul – the fiery flavour of Chicken Licken’s hottest chicken. Staying true to the imaginative, tongue-in-cheek Chicken Licken cinematic universe, a rich, textured film was created, peopled with characters and situations we can all relate to – but given the distinctive comedic treatment that is such an essential ingredient in the brand’s DNA. This, combined with a punchy edit and killer soundtrack, helped to create another stand-out piece of work that will further cement Chicken Licken’s position as the brand that touches not only the tastebuds, but the funny bones of even the most pokerfaced crowd.


Agency: Joe Public United
Film Director: Greg Gray
Film Production Company: Romance Films
DOP: Adam Bentel / Krewkut
Media Agency: Joe Public Maximise
Music Composer: Marc Algranti Music
Visual Effects: Jean Du Plessis / Tiaan Franken
Post Production & VFX company: Chocolate Tribe
Editor: Kobus Loots
Editing Company: Deliverance

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